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Item #: SCP-760

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-760 is to be kept in a vacuum sealed, lead lined box. The box can be stored in any secure area void of ambient radiation. The box should also be kept a minimum of 25 meters from any active electronic or mechanical devices. Personnel not directly involved with research on SCP-760 require Level Three Clearance or permission from two Level Three staff in order to access SCP-760. At no time should staff members of any clearance remove SCP-760 from its container, unless they are located at a suitable test site. All testing of and research on the properties of SCP-760 should be done at least 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) away from populated areas. All personnel should be protected from: intense heat, intense light, various wavelengths of radiation at various strengths, and high-speed projectiles. Extreme caution is necessary during testing, as many of SCP-760’s effects can cause damage over a large area.

Description: SCP-760 is a carved wooden matchbox of an unknown brand. The only unique property of the matchbox is its ability to absorb different kinds of kinetic energy directed at it (such as heat, light, radiation, and motion). Because of this, SCP-760 is nearly indestructible, as all attempts to destroy it have been nullified. To read a complete list of tests using SCP-760, please read Experiment Log 760. Once SCP-760 has absorbed energy, a single wooden match will materialize inside it. This match is designated SCP-760-01. Breaking the match or significantly damaging it without lighting it will cause it to crumble into ash and reappear inside SCP-760. However, striking the match will cause all the energy that SCP-760 has absorbed to be instantly released as a random type of energy. Additional matches can be given this ability (see Document 760-A) by placing them inside SCP-760 and closing it. This will only occur when wooden “box type” matches are used; paper “book-type” matches do not seem to be affected. The person lighting the match has no control over the type of the released energy. The direction of release can be controlled, as it always comes from the tip of the match. SCP-760 will not directly absorb more energy after SCP-760-01 has been removed, even if 760-01 is placed back inside. Any further energy SCP-760 is exposed to will be dissipated around it.

Document 760-A: Adding more matches (up to a total of 24 additional matches) after exposing SCP-760 to energy will divide the absorbed energy between the remaining matches (if 9 matches are added, then each match will release 10% of the total energy contained by SCP-760). The energy type that each individual match gives off is random. However, lighting the original match (SCP-760-01) will result in all remaining energy being released. Because of this, it is highly advised that SCP-760-01 be marked before adding other matches.

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