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Item #: SCP-761

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No research is currently authorized for SCP-761. Unauthorized use is prohibited. The object is in storage at Dimensional Containment Site-72.

Description: SCP-761 is a 3.96m (13ft) diameter circular, recreational trampoline made of steel, nylon and polypropylene, matching no model manufactured on a large scale but otherwise apparently ordinary in construction. The object was secured in 1994 in a suburb of Chicago, IL, after being linked to a number of cases of missing persons. Once the properties of SCP-761 were confirmed, most of these missing persons were located, in the form of entombed remains.

Any object impacting SCP-761's surface with a momentum exceeding roughly 250 kg*m/s will appear to simply vanish into the surface. Through extensive testing, it has been determined that the object will instantaneously reappear some fifteen meters away, retaining its momentum and direction of travel. As SCP-761 is a trampoline, this has resulted in a number of users being entombed and asphyxiating. Interestingly, the object transported by SCP-761 does not appear to displace any material upon relocation, suggesting matter replacement based on volume. The ultimate fate of the material replaced is unknown.

The momentum threshold makes use relatively safe for small children, but prohibitively dangerous for adults except under highly controlled conditions. Contrary to office rumors, SCP-761 will NOT transport bullets from most small arms; such projectiles simply pass through the fabric, leaving holes. Fortunately, the fabric itself is ordinary and easily replaced, as the frame itself is apparently the active component.

The effect of SCP-761 seems to be a form of teleportation. Ergo, research was initially fervent, but has since been discontinued due to lack of noticeable progress. As it is difficult to imagine a truly practical use for SCP-761, the object has been consigned to indefinite storage.

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