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Item #: SCP-765

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-765 is to be stored in accordance with standard procedures for storage of sterile medical equipment. SCP-765 is to be tagged and stored in the Site 17 Secured Medical Supplies cabinet and is to be made available to all properly qualified medical staff possessing a Level 2 or higher security clearance.

Description: SCP-765 physically resembles a standard No. 4 Scalpel with a permanently affixed No. 22 blade (160mm total length), with symbols of unknown origin etched into the handle and blade. Blade is of unknown metallurgical composition.

SCP-765 retains a viable cutting edge and is capable of making incisions identical to those of standard scalpels of similar design. However, incisions made into organic tissue (inorganic material is unaffected) with SCP-765 are almost instantly sealed by tissue of unknown biological origin. Similar effects are observed upon exposure of SCP-765 to existing wounds. Wounds covered by SCP-765 generated tissue appear to gain mild regenerative properties, with healing times seeing decreases of up to ██%.

Note: Research is currently underway into how SCP-765 retains a viable cutting edge despite an inordinate amount of usage.

Addendum: Symbols revealed to be ████████ in origin by SCP-███.

Addendum #765-A: Upon examination, material appears to be an extremely thin layer of squamous tissue. Biological composition of tissue remains unknown. Tissue affected by SCP-765 has proven impervious to all standard surgical instrumentation. The only viable method of removal is to excise all surrounding tissue, undercutting the affected area in the process.

Addendum #765-B: Further experimentation reveals affected tissue to remain entirely sterile, regardless of any contaminants the tissue is exposed to. Surrounding non-affected tissue seems to share the resistance to contaminants to a far lesser degree.

As tissue affected by SCP-765 appears to impose no harmful effects upon the host organism, excision is NOT recommended due to the invasiveness of the procedure. It is my recommendation that SCP-765 be made available for use by trained medical staff possessing a Level 2 security clearance or higher for treatment of onsite injuries (Recommend use confined to wounds of superficial to mid depth, as interaction with organs is unknown). – Dr. Sharp

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