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Item #: SCP-767

Object Class: Euclid (see below)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-767 should be stored inside the zirconium box in which it was originally found. In the event that box is not available, an enclosure at least 200x120x76mm, constructed of 5mm zirconium or hafnium of at least 90% purity will suffice. Though SCP-148 is superior to Zr or Hf with respect to attenuating SCP-767's mental compulsion effect, the effect has been deemed insufficiently hazardous to warrant using the scarce supply of SCP-148.

All personnel must be fully briefed on both the mental compulsion effects and the physical effects of SCP-767 before being allowed any contact. It should be emphasized that the sex shift it causes in men cannot be reversed by any known means, including SCP-113. Consequently, all personnel handling SCP-767 must be female, unless they have signed a Form AT-210-Z(767) waiver. Class D personnel are exempt from this requirement.

Any person affected by SCP-767 must report to medical for observation. All specimens of SCP-767-3 produced as a result of such exposure must be collected and securely stored in accordance with procedure M4096-Uniform. Hindering such collection and storage, or failing to notify medical of exposure is a serious offense: violators are subject to disciplinary measures up to and including termination.

Any specimens of 767-4 encountered or collected by any means should be taken to Secure Containment Area [REDACTED] and maintained at a temperature of no more than 200 Kelvin in transit. Temperatures below 150K will result in cellular damage and eventual death of the specimen but that is to be considered an acceptable risk to prevent [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-767-1 can be treated as a Safe-class object provided that the above procedures are observed, and SCP-767-2 is entirely mundane.

Description: SCP-767 is a pair of ornamental metal bracelets studded with pieces of facet-cut garnet. When recovered, they were stored inside a machined zirconium box. The box, designated SCP-767-2, appears to have been milled from a single large block of nearly-pure zirconium metal sealed with a coat of clear lacquer. The lower half is engraved with the marking 'MADE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM' in 7mm Helvetica block-letters. Despite its unusual workmanship and composition, it appears otherwise unremarkable and devoid of any unusual properties.

The bracelets themselves, designated SCP-767-1, are composed of an alloy of platinum-group metals, shown by mass spectrography to be 64% Ir, 18% Pt, 15% Re, the remaining 2% being mostly Os, with traces of Ni and Fe. The bracelets are typically about 80mm in diameter, but are always large enough to fit on the wrist of the person attempting to wear them. They have never actually been observed in the act of changing size, however, in tests, a person with a wrist diameter of 107mm was able to put them on.

When donned, SCP-767 will instantly turn a male wearer female. The nature of this transformation is unknown, but it appears to at least partially regenerate the body: in one case, a test subject whose testes were lost to cancer transformed into a female with functioning ovaries. In another, a test subject missing hs left leg transformed into a female with both legs present and fully functional. See Chief Medical Officer's Log CMO-5112-G(767) for more information. In all cases, the subject's height, mass and overall build have remained approximately constant barring mass gains associated with regenerated limbs or organs. The transformation takes less than 2 seconds and is accompanied by a brilliant flash of white light which appears to emanate from the wearer. At close range the flash is sufficiently intense to blind and cause first degree flash burns, though its effect diminishes much more quickly than the inverse-square law predicts. In all known cases, the wearer was not harmed by the flash, though their clothes are often mildly singed.

In all cases so far observed, females who don the bracelets initially seem to be unaffected. However, within 1-2 weeks of exposure, they begin to report feelings of unease or wrongness. Approximately a week after this, subjects report symptoms which resemble early pregnancy. This progresses over a further 8 weeks to a condition resembling a pregnancy of 40 weeks gestation, with anomalous sonographic and radiographic findings. Shortly thereafter, the victim gives birth to a number of egg-like objects, designated SCP-767-3. Numerous clinical features of this pregnancy and delivery are highly irregular: see Chief Medical Officer's Log CMO-5511-O(767), Incident Reports I767-1-A, I767-1-B, I767-1-C and Recovery Log R767-1-A for details.

SCP-767-3 is also highly unusual. The objects are ovoid masses approximately 125mm in diameter and between 200mm and 230mm in length along the long axis. Their exteriors are composed of a green cryptocrystalline silica-based mineral, similar to aventurine. This outer shell is completely reflective of ultrasound and absorbs X-rays and gamma rays at typical radiography doses, making non-destructive testing of the objects virtually impossible. The shells also proved exceedingly difficult to break, yielding only once subjected to a pressure of 1.24 GPa.

Specimens of SCP-767-3 are internally composed of an outer membrane to which the shell is bonded, inside of which are several clusters of undifferentiated cells floating in a fluid rich in proteins and amino acids. The cells contain a mixture of human and unknown DNA, with the human sequences matching those of the mother. The unknown DNA has characteristics reminiscent of members of the modern Archosauria clade, but corresponding to no known order, family or genus. The internal structure of the eggs is unlike that of any known animal.

Proper conditions for maturation and hatching of the eggs are unknown. Reasonable guesses can be made based on [DATA EXPUNGED] during Incident I-767-1-D [REDACTED] I-767-1-K or [DATA EXPUNGED], after the appearance of SCP-767-4. 767-4 was neutralized by a 76mm VT-FRAG shell fired by SCPS Guardian after withstanding numerous 10mm Auto JHP and 5.56x45mm AP rounds with no apparent effect. Data collected on 767-4 during [REDACTED] do not suggest but cannot entirely rule out the possible risk of an XK-class or BI-class apocalyptic event; consequently 767-3 must be treated with extreme care and positive control must be maintained at all times. SCP-767-4 should be treated as a Euclid-class entity pending review for possible upgrade due to [REDACTED] and its cross-reaction with SCP-███ and the marked interest displayed by SCP-███. All other known samples of 767-3 have remained inert to date.

Addendum 001-A: Personnel working in the vicinity of SCP-767 have reported an intense desire to wear the bracelets. The strength of this effect, and the time for it to fade are both directly proportional to the duration of exposure.

The compulsion effect radiates outward from SCP-767-1 to a radius of 250m, however, storing them inside SCP-767-2 or another enclosure made of zirconium reduces the radius of the effect to 2m. The intensity of the compulsion depends solely on the proximity of the subject to the item. As revealed by Incident I767-1-G, long-duration (over 8 hours) exposure to the compulsion field has the same effect on women as wearing the bracelets.

Addendum 001-B: During capture and recovery of SCP-775, a specimen of SCP-767-3 was discovered. Further investigation revealed that an unknown person had been inquiring after the item for several days prior to [DATA EXPUNGED]. The unknown person is presumed to be affiliated with Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. based on evidence collected by [REDACTED].

Addendum 001-C: Permission has been requested for cross-reaction experiments with SCP-040 to see if it's possible to revert those sex-shifted to their original sex.

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