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Image taken from the Marshall, Carter and Dark catalogue.

Item #: SCP-770

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The exhibition hall of Reliquary Research and Containment Site-76 has SCP-770 on display for all Research and Command personnel to view.

Description: SCP-770 stands 120cm tall, and is 60cm deep and 30 cm wide at its shell shaped bed. Shaped from nacre by an unknown process, ornamented with and supported by silver-plated steel and an unidentified wood, the MC&D catalogue identified the item as a bassinet. When a baby is placed in the bassinet, the baby sleeps quietly and peacefully. The baby will not wake until removed. The bassinet also exerts a mental influence on the baby's caregivers, causing them to become forgetful of the child while it is sleeping in SCP-770, making severe neglect extremely likely; it is currently speculated that only extremely dedicated caregivers could fully resist this influence, but experimental testing has proved difficult to arrange, given that the Foundation currently has only one baby in its care. It is not yet known what effect extended use of SCP-770 will have on development, if any.

Addendum: Addendum: Agent obtained this item ████ on █/█/██ by the simple expedient of buying it, saying the purchase price was low enough to make this a fiscally sound decision. According to the agent's report MC&D's customers were reluctant to purchase so peculiar an object for use as a bassinet, or even as a display piece.

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