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Class D personnel who was devoured by her own hair.

Item #: SCP-772

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-772 is to be kept in a locked box in an undisclosed location. Testing subjects of SCP-772 must be naked during testing. All hair unnecessary for the experiment must be either shaved or waxed off prior to experimentation. No less then two guards on hand during tests. A container of hot wax will be prepared before testing starts. Flamethrowers or blowtorches will also be available for use if subject's hair breaks through wax barrier.

Description: SCP-772 is a small pendant measuring 3.2cm across, carved from human bone. It is believed to be of Viking origin, perhaps as a berserker meditation device. Native American origin has also been speculated. SCP-772 is shaped like an eagle, with the wing feathers curving down and forming comb-like teeth at the base of the pendant. The object was located during a historical dig in 1993 of what is believed to be one of the first Viking settlements in Canada. It was given to one of the dig's benefactors, Duchess ██████████. She was later found mutilated and naked in her home after attending a benefit party a week later. Agent █████ was on hand to retrieve SCP-772.

When worn, hair on the body of the test subject becomes sculpted in a variety of animals and designs. This includes all hair, back, pubic, chest, even armpit. Hair will animate if the pendant is left on longer than six minutes. Males wearing SCP-772 enter a berserker trance after hair animation. They will begin by tearing off all of their clothes, and proceed to scream incomprehensibly as they attempt to rip off the limbs of nearby individuals and beat them to death. Subjects will continue behavior until they die of fatigue or are eliminated. Females have a 16% of entering this state; however, the percentage greatly increases in women of European descent. Females not affected by the berserker state are often attacked and killed by their own hair. False hair, such as wigs and synthetic weaves are not affected. Human hair weaves result in more violent creations whereas animal hair weaves have no affect. Hair animation can also occur even when the test subject is unconscious or dead, and can even attack if the head has been severed. Aggression levels will increase based on test subjects' injuries and living status; flamethrowers are most effective during such attacks. SCP-772 has no effect on any known animals except humans.

Those wishing to do testing of SCP-772 are advised to take high precautions should hair animation arise. Wax or any substance that inhibits the hair's movement seems to be most affective. It is also advised to use a high amount of hair spray on newly sculpted hair, as this reduces the chance of hair animation by 47%.

Designs formed during experiments with SCP-772:

  • Intricate Celtic Runes: Male, Irish, short length. Subject eliminated for going berserk.
  • Dragon style Mohawk: Male, Chinese, medium length. Subject eliminated for going berserk.
  • Bear: Female, Japanese, long length. Subject was attacked and devoured by bear.
  • Eagle: Female, Brazilian, long length. Subject survived, but not before her eyes were pecked out.
  • Multiple snakes: Female, Mixed Asian, human hair weave from Greek female. Snakes attacked several personal at once. Fangs of snakes oozed a non-poisonous oily substance. Subject was decapitated from severe strangulation and head nearly escaped containment before the flamethrowers were implemented.
  • Cat Ears: Male, mixed descent, short hair. Subject eliminated for going berserk. Knuckle hair on subject grew in length to form claws over subject's fingers.
  • Wolf: Female, mixed European decent. Subject eliminated for going berserk.

Addendum 008-772-A: Standard human testing with SCP-772 will cease. Dr. Kitsu has stated, "We have learned all that we could of SCP-772. As for weapon or cosmetic applications, there are none. Although the griffin one was especially awesome. Did you hear that it breathed fire?" SCP-772 will remain locked up for the time being.

Addendum 008-772-B: Limited testing has been approved. Centralized in studying brain chemical structure and body hormone distribution.

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