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Item #: SCP-774

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-774 is kept locked at all times in a secure, undisclosed vault at Command-██. No class D personnel are currently authorised for contact with SCP-774. Access to SCP-774 is granted only by formal request submitted to the office of O5-█. As of 20██, access to SCP-774 has been requested by [DATA EXPUNGED], for a total of seven times since its retrieval and containment in ██/██/19██. Only O5-█ and [REDACTED] have direct access to SCP-774. Under no circumstances are cameras, scanners, portable computers, mobile phones, paper, or writing instruments to be brought into the secure vault. Under no circumstances is SCP-774 to be moved or handled, except by direct orders from O5-█.

Whether those requests are granted, and if/when there have been O5-level visits to SCP-774's chamber is not to be recorded. SCP-774 is, by special recommendation from [DATA MISSING], a Keter-class SCP. Multiple redundant and independent systems are in place to incinerate or ██████ the object should the facility be compromised. However, O5 personnel have access to the object, which is also stored at a command facility. Those are both special exceptions to normal Keter containment protocols.

Description: SCP-774 is a cardboard box retrieved from a house in █████, ███████. The relevant files on the investigation that led to its retrieval have been reclassified to level █ clearance as of [DATA EXPUNGED], and are designated Special Addendum SCP-774/█████. Neither the box nor its contents exhibit any unsafe anomalous properties; see addendum 774-A for details on its Keter classification. The box contains:

  • SCP-774-1: One (1) city map of █████, █████. Lines have been drawn between the locations of several civic buildings, including the city library, police station, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The lines form a pentagram pattern; at its centre is a dot with the date ██/██/195█ written next to it, marked over a private at [REDACTED]. A search of SCP files reveals no connection to any current or previous SCP or SCP investigation subject. However, searching the personnel files finds that they correspond to the time and place of birth of [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • SCP-774-2 through 7: Six (6) typed manuscripts in German. All of them are versions of ''Mein Kampf'' with subtle variations. Three of them are attributed to different authors, including [DATA EXPUNGED], who was permanently reassigned to ████████ in 198█. Dating methods as well as analysis of type, paper and print confirm that they were produced in the late 19th century CE.
  • SCP-774-8: One (1) hand-drawn astronomical chart. Lines have been drawn between certain planets in a pattern identical to that in the map. No date is present. The particular position of the various celestial bodies has no special significance otherwise. Its most recent occurrences have been in 4063 BCE, 33 CE, and 195█ CE.
  • SCP-774-9: One (1) manila folder, containing an extensively cross-referenced dossier. The first two thirds of it are typed; after that, the dossier is handwritten in loose stationery of varying origin. Linguistic and graphological analysis confirms the entire document has a single author. The report is written in an unknown but intelligible dialect of English, and correlates [DATA EXPUNGED] to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, as well as [DATA EXPUNGED]. All references and evidence presented are accurate, as far as can be ascertained. A total of 17 photographs, 9 charts, and 27 fac-similes of relevant documents are also provided. Due to [DATA EXPUNGED], all relevant personnel files have been reclassified to clearance level █. [DATA EXPUNGED] was promoted in 198█; subsequent postings are classified at clearance level █.
  • SCP-774-10 through ██: [DATA EXPUNGED] notebooks, consisting of a collation of notes and a log relating to the collection of evidence and writing of SCP-774-9. The author seems preoccupied and ultimately afraid of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Elimination was authorized by O5-█ and performed on ██/██/199█, by [REDACTED].
  • SCP-774-██: [DATA MISSING]

Addendum 774-A:

As of 20██, [REDACTED] formal requests have been made to reclassify SCP-774 as safe. All requests have been denied by O5-█. SCP-774 is considered to be a “severe ███████ hazard to the Foundation and thus necessarily, to humanity.” [REDACTED] recommendations for the destruction of SCP-774 have been denied by express orders from [DATA MISSING], as the original documents contain potentially █████ information.

O5-█ has recommended that all personnel who have shown interest in viewing, testing, relocating, reclassifying, ██████ or researching SCP-774 or any and all related files, documents, reports and addendums be flagged for immediate psych evaluation. As of 20██, ██ such evaluations have been performed, ██ have been flagged for further review, and in █ cases the operative involved was flagged for immediate termination, bringing the number of SCP-774-related casualties up to █. Details on requests for reclassification of SCP-774 and all related personnel reviews and terminations are available to operatives of clearance █ and above in Special Addendum SCP-774/█████.

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