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Item #: SCP-775

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object should be kept in a dark environment, but does not require any excessive measures other than limiting the amount of light to non UV. When performing tests on SCP-775, protective gear (namely gloves and goggles) should be worn at all times. Under no circumstances should SCP-775 be taken outside unless permission is given by Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-775 is an ordinary looking magnifying glass. The handle is ebony and the lens is held in a steel ring which is attached to the handle. When looked through, the objects on the other side of the lens look smaller, despite the lens itself being convex. When sunlight is refracted in the lens, it becomes an incredibly tight beam of light, which shows no dispersion even over long distances. Essentially, when used right, the lens creates a beam of sunlight that will not spread like normal light until the lens ceases to refract the sunlight. Because of the dangerous nature of exposing the lens to direct sunlight, it is essential to keep the lens indoors. Several staff members have already been dismembered by the beam.

Addendum: Despite the fact that SCP-775 is perfectly capable of melting metals, it is not an effective substitute for a blowtorch. As such, maintenance staff may not request use of SCP-775.

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