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Item #: SCP-777

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All personnel entering the containment cell must change into pocketless, sealed jumpsuits. All personnel except those intending to interact with the artifact are required to wear puncture-resistant gloves. Any personnel entering without the jumpsuits are to be terminated. All personnel leaving the chamber are to undergo a full body x-ray, and a full body cavity search, if required. Level 3 personnel are required to supervise the transfer of SCP-777 to gamma facility for testing once a week. The artifact is to be placed in a locked container and is not to be opened until arriving at the gamma facility test chamber or returning to its containment cell. The gamma facility test chamber has the same security protocols in place.

Description: SCP-777 is a small twenty sided die and is appears to be made from a dark gray metallic matter; however all material analysis has turned up inconclusive. 19 sides of the die have a green circle etched on its surface, and the remaining side has a red triangle etched on it. The die is activated by touching it with bare skin, causing its surface to turn dark blue. When rolled in this state, the die appears to exhibit the ability to manipulate probability values (see file SCP-777/LS-11a2). Should the die land with a green circle face up, what ever action the user is undertaking (provided it is sufficiently random) will succeed with the best possible outcome. In the event the red triangle is on top, the user will automatically fail, and in most cases, the most catastrophic way possible which always results in at least the death of the user. Upon being rolled the die will return to its gray color and become dormant.

FILE SCP-777/LS-11a2

DATE: ██-██-████

ID#: 777-0021A(█-████-████-████)

As per Dr. [777-0002S]'s request, we tested the artifact with a game of poker with [P-317001] as the user. The deck was rigged so that [P-317001] would receive a worthless hand. The cards necessary for any combination of a royal flush were placed at the bottom of the deck. Despite this, the hand turned out to be a royal flush. We set the game up again; however [P-317001] rolled the triangle and died, injuring three other personnel in the resulting explosion. Full body armor is recommended in further experiments for additional personnel.

FILE SCP-777/LS-12

DATE: ██-██-████

ID#: 777-0002S(█-████-████-████)

According to the research accumulated in the last eleven tests, it appears the artifact may be able to influence events even if they are not truly random. In trial 11, [P-317001] was unaware of the deck being rigged against him (note: reprimand [777-0021A] for failing to include that in his report), yet despite this still managed to draw a royal flush. I believe the artifact is able to alter events that the user perceives as being random rather than an event that is truly random. Further experimentation is required to further understand the power of this artifact.

FILE SCP-777/LS-13

DATE: ██-██-████

ID#: 777-0002S(█-████-████-████)

Dr. [777-0002S] suggested that an expendable subject first roll a circle then attempt to roll a triangle; assuming that the item's effects extend to the item itself, if the subject obtains a triangle, he has both failed and succeeded. Cmdr. [777-BC] vetoed this suggestion based on the unintended effects of probability manipulation encountered with previous SCP's.

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