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Item #: SCP-778

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-778 is to be kept in a locked lock-box lined with pure velvet. Only Security Level 3 Personnel are given the combination of the box, and when opened, are only permitted to use the device in case of a Code Bard.

Description: SCP-778 appears to be a pair of regulation playing dice, colored black with dimples colored green, numbering one to six. They are seemingly normal in every aspect of their design, weighing 3 gm each, and measuring .5 inch by .5 inch by .5 inch. However, they are unique in that it is somehow possible to roll a thirteen on these dice, as the six-dotted side on one of either die will have a seventh dot in the center, colored red. Though these occurrences are somewhat rare, they are not uncommon. No examinaztion has explained how this is possible, as all tests have shown that there are only six sides, no trick sides inside of the die, nor any alterations to the die's respective faces. Nor, does it appear, that this phenomena is specific to one die, as both have shown equal probability to have the extra "seventh" side. It is also unkown as to whether a prospective fourteen can be rolled, as all current rolls have been thirteen or lower. This seventh side is not necessarily only present to form a thirteen, as a seven has, several times, been shown to form other numbers.

While seemingly normal, except for their given anomaly, SCP-778 has a strange ability that surrounds it. Every time the objects are rolled, they effect the roller's apptitude at a random skill or talent they have. Though results have varied, a pattern has emerged after countless tests. The higher the amount rolled, the higher said profecency will grow. For example, Test Subject █████ ████████ rolled a six, and found himself able to pass a basic SAT Writing Exam at 97%, when their recorded test score had been a 76% in their scoring history, while another subject, █████ █████, rolled an eleven, and could repare a variety of household appliances in a few short hours, while yet another, who rolled a nine, was able to sing, word-for-word, the complete discology of the band Stone Temple Pilots.

However, when a thirteen is rolled, something odd occurs. SCP-778 begin to vibrate rapidly on the surface of whatever it has been rolled on, before producing a box in their location. Inside this box is asmall collection of 2x6 notecard. On these notecards are a handwritten list of [DATA EXPUNGED]. After this box is closed, it will seemingly sink back into whatever surface it has been on, with SCP-778 sitting in the puddle. Tests on this box have shown that it cannot be closed unless the notecards are inside of it, and that the contents of the notecards will slowly become unintelligible after thirteen minutes.

Under no circumstances are SCP-778 and SCP-777 allowed to be in contact with each other or used together.

Tests using SCP-778 with SCP-181 are under consideration.

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