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SCP-779, pre-containment.

Item #: SCP-779

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-779 is to be kept in a windowless room with concrete walls and floor. Chains are to be bolted to its posts and fastened firmly to the concrete walls. No less than three light sources must be directed at the space between the floor and the underside of SCP-779 at all times. Each day at sunrise, the chains and fabric are to be inspected for signs of wear or strain. Any breakages or cracking in the concrete are to be immediately reported to Level 2 staff, and any outages in the light source are to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Description: SCP-779 is initially indistinguishable from a twin size wooden frame children’s bed, complete with clean red-striped cotton sheets and a polka-dot red and white quilted comforter. The anomaly of SCP-779 is that the underside of the bed is composed of leathery skin, with a distorted human face stretched across the surface. The face will gurgle, growl, and make gnashing motions frequently, and extends a long slick prehensile tongue to sweep up and consume anything that falls within its reach under the bed. If there is no direct light source on SCP-779, the tongue is capable of extending out from under the bed in an attempt to grab or trip those nearby. Under dark conditions, SCP-779’s tongue can and will grasp any limb sticking out over the top of the bed, using it to drag its victim under. Direct light sources decrease SCP-779’s aggression, forcing it to close its eyes and reducing the thrashing and growling to loud ragged breaths.

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