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The first confirmed sighting of SCP-780, attached to M. Remy ████

Item #: SCP-780

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: While contained as its current host species, SCP-780 and its potential next hosts are to be kept in a pen made of sturdy metal that is:

  • no less than 9x9m, its fence no less than 1.7m high.
  • floored with hay, to be replaced each rotation.
  • is supplied with feeding and watering tubes that can be loaded from the adjoining room.
  • surrounded by an electrified fence closed both at the bottom and top (default current at 200 kV and ranging to 1500 kV).

The containment room consists of two pens, identical and functioning separately save for a run between them, also with electric fencing. Only one cage is to be used at a time. The subjects are to be rotated twice a week, the opposite cage to be cleaned in this time.

The adjoining door and observation window between the containment rooms and the observation room must be:

  • capable of air sealing and should remain sealed at all times.
  • bullet and heat resistant

At least two (2) Level Two personnel are assigned to observe SCP-780 at all times. Access to the observation room is open to Level 0 personal and above provided there are the standard Level Two observers present. Entering the containment room is to be avoided except in the case of an equipment malfunction or the death of SCP-780-a, upon which the area should be serviced only by a single Class D personnel wearing a self-contained acid-resistant hazard suit.

In the event that SCP-780 is deprived of a host, it should be contained in a small box of the thickest, most acid-resistant material available until a new host is located.

In addition to SCP-780 and SCP-780-a, there must be two mature male rabbits, preferably of a dwarf breed, in good health and temperament, in the same enclosure as SCP-780 at all times.

Description: In its unattached state, SCP-780 resembles a "handlebar mustache", dark brown in colour and wiry in texture. Its thickness depending upon the size of its host. It is approximately 28cm in width and 6.4cm in length, its size remaining consistent since its first sighting. X-rays have shown that the middle of SCP-780 contains a primitive brain and a heart, comparatively large venom sacs, as well as several unidentifiable organs. It has been noted that both the heart and mouth of SCP-780 greatly resemble that of a lamprey fish, the mouth in particular being circular and containing several rows of up to ten small, hooked teeth per row, rendering it capable of attaching itself to any flesh its teeth can puncture and rooting itself.

On each side of the central body are a hip-like protrusion which consists of two joints, branching from which are two concavely bowed bones with flexible muscles, which meet in a joint where a traditional handlebar moustache would be waxed. When unattached to a host, SCP-780 propels itself with its central body upwards, using these joints as feet in a bipedal manner. When attached to a host, little to no movement is observed.

It is unknown how long SCP-780 can survive without a host due to its persistent nature in seeking one and its destructive behaviour when deprived of one, but it can be assumed by its urgency and aggression that it is critical to its survival. When presented with a mammal, SCP-780 will launch itself at the face of the subject, get to the subject’s upper lip, and proceed to latch onto it. It is believed that 780 is specifically attracted to this particular location because its senses rely on tracking the oral scent of its intended host (traces of an olfactory system has been confirmed but no traces of auditory or optical systems). It prefers male to female hosts; it is theorized that the hormone testosterone is directly related to the health of 780. If the only host available to it is female, 780 will latch on, but as soon as a male host becomes available it will terminate itself from the current host and move to the male. It will not attempt to attach itself to a non-mammal.

From the moment of attachment, 780 secrets an unidentifiable chemical produced in one of its organs, pumping it into the bloodstream of the host. The chemical first calms the host, quelling all struggling to disengage 780. Within five to fifteen minutes, the chemical degrades the mind to the point where all but the basic functions required for survival remain. It is all but certain that this damage would remain even in the currently unseen scenario of SCP-780 being removed without the death of the host. Addendum: Attempts made to terminate 780 have been recorded by Dr. West in Document 780b, accessible by those with Level 1 clearance or by special request.

When threatened with removal the host, SCP-780 will cause the host to react violently, as in Incident 780-01 on██/██/20██ in which Agent ██████ █████ was latched onto and used his issued firearm on Agent ███ ██████ (see Document 780a for further information on Incident 780-01). The attachment of 780 has not been observed to increase or decrease physical strength, reaction time, or any other abilities of the host. Tranquilizers and poisons (in liquid, solid, and gas form) will have the usual affect on a host, but though 780 feeds from the host, no drugs tested have been found to have any affect on 780.

If there is a perceived threat, 780 will excrete an acid that burns the area surrounding its mouth before spreading into the host’s bloodstream, killing them within forty-five seconds. It will also secrete this acid on those around it, though it has not been observed propelling said acid. When kept in confinement unattached to a host, 780 will use this acid to burn the walls of its confinement. Samples of the acid have been tested on a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to Plexiglas, steel, petrified wood, acid resistant plastics, and titanium, and while there is a varying decomposition rate for each material, a practical, permanent confinement for SCP-780 sans host has not yet been devised, requiring the necessity for a host.

SCP-780 attached to an Oryctolagus cuniculus.

The dwarf rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) was chosen for its low maintenance, its passive nature, and its longer lifespan in comparison to other breeds of rabbit. Having a minimum of two (2) other animals confined with it insure that upon the death of 780-a, another host is readily available. As soon as SCP-780 has moved onto the next 780-a, a Class D personnel will be instructed to put a replacement companion in the cage. The same procedure is to be undertaken in the event of the death of one of the companion rabbits. A rabbit is not to be placed with SCP-780 if it displays any signs of illness or aggressive behavior.

Document 780a: Regarding Incident 780-01 and the capture of SCP-780

The first confirmed sighting of SCP-780 occurred in 1806, when Remy ████, the mayor of the small village of █████, France returned from a hunting excursion in the forest of ███████ with a prominent moustache when before he had been clean-shaven and a listless and mute demeanour. Town records reveal that he served five more months as mayor, during which time the economy boomed and the crime rate was at its lowest in recorded history. M. ████ was found dead in “La ██████” in Paris one year later. The autopsy reports noted that the area of his upper lip was severely burned. At the time it was declared an unsolved homicide.

It is theorized that 780 was able to remain undetected since then because of the popularity of the handlebar mustache it resembled, which also made it very visible in the modern age. On ██/██/20██, Containment Task Force 45937260-4 responded to an incident in ██████, Mississippi. Analysis of the crime scene revealed that a local man, Allan ████, entered the “The Dusty River”, a pool and liquor establishment. Witnesses who saw him enter but left before Incident 780-01 occurred described him as having a handlebar mustache, saying he entered at approximately 23:30.

After consuming a moderate amount of alcohol, it is theorized that the bartender of the establishment refused him further service and attempted to eject him from the building. ████ responded by [REDACTED].

An autopsy of 780-a revealed severe liver damage, a sign that 780-a was addicted to alcohol and therefore the consumption of which was necessary to his well-being. There was a total body count of five (5) at this time, all local males and all identified. All but one were stabbed with aforementioned ice pick, the last victim being strangled after he apparently wrestled the ice pick from 780-a and inflicted several wounds upon him before dying. 780-a died shortly after from his injuries.

At the time Containment Task Force 45937260-4 arrived, there were a total of eleven (11) bodies. Upon approaching one of the bodies, curious about its post-dated facial hair, Agent ██████ █████ was immediately attached to by 780. An attempt was made be Agent ███ ██████ to disengage 780 from the agent’s face but was killed when Agent █████’s handgun was used on him. 780-a was subdued, at which point 780 terminated its host, latching onto the offending agent. It was in this state 780 was taken and eventually permanently contained at Sector-19 using the method of animal hosting.

Document 780b: Logs of attempted terminations of SCP-780 as recorded by Dr. D. West

██/██/20██: SCP-780 brought to Site 19 at 09:00 attached to Agent █████, who was heavily sedated. █████-D, under my instructions, attempted to pierce SCP-780 with a fine laser. 780 is now attached to █████-D. I will recommend to move SCP-780 to a more easily controllable host than a Class D personnel.

15/03/20██: Apart from a host, we have been containing SCP-780 in a vacuum atmosphere void of oxygen and all other gasses for twenty-four hours and is showing no ill effects. Its acid is close to breaching the container, we will have to end the test shortly.

23/05/20██: Testing incineration on SCP-XX. Its containment was consumed entirely with a propane-fuelled flame reaching temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees Celsius. When fifteen minutes had elapsed, the flame was cut and the outcome was observed. The hair of SCP-780 had been burnt entirely and the skin blackened. It was, however, still alive and extremely aggressive, spewing large quantities of acid onto its containment. In half an hour it was able to limp and attached to its new host as soon as it was introduced.

Permission for nuclear testing pending.

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