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Item #: SCP-780

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-780 should be kept in a containment box of an inch thick lead at all times. Seeing as the SCP-780 can alter size at will, but usually stays within the range of a metre lengthways and widthways-a box of 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres should suffice.

This SCP is not to be touched at all, by anyone, under any circumstances, at any level.

Description: SCP-780 seems to be by all visual purposes, a shoe box. A simple cardboard shoe box. It has no specific markings, or details. Seems brand new.

However, when the lid is removed and the box is examined internally. The viewer usually reacts in a horrified manner throws the box down, trys to destroy the box before dying of a fatal heart attack within 5 hours of viewing the box's interior.

Optional Information: Sent by registered post to the SCP headquarters, this in itself is a concerning aspect as SCP headquarters are highly secret.
Class D personnel may request to test this SCP by speaking to Dr. ██████. Condemned personnel ONLY.

Addendum: Those with Level 4 Security Clearance should see document #780-1, 780-2 and 780-3.

Document #780-1: Known effects of the Box.

Class D Personnel who have studied the box have often lived long enough to try to express what was in the box for them to suffer the fatalities.
Unfortunately, whenever this was relayed to the person recording the results the words were expressed as gibberish. When the person was asked to draw what they had seen, they were unable to draw or even write what they had seen. And when they were asked to select a picture of what they had seen from a vast catalogue of images they behaved in an irrational manner. Tearing images at random and scribbling over them in gibberish.

Document #780-2: Surveillance

All attempts to capture images of the inside of SCP-780 have been fruitless. When Class D Personnel have taken pictures and recordings of the interior of the box without directly viewing it all pictures have come back as simply the inside of a shoebox without anything inside it. We are planning to soon use robotic arms to open the box and for a camera to record it at length to see if anything alters.

Document #780-3: Noted aftereffects

In certain tests run, when the box has been beaten and attempted to be destroyed by the subject (all attempts to destroy the box have failed), small amounts of matter have 'spilled' from the box. We are linking these to the Subjects data files and have concluded that these samples correlate with the subject's death.

For example, Class D Personnel ████████████ commented in his data files that he fears death by burning. When ████████████ opened the box, ████████████ threw the box to the floor, attempted to stamp on it, threw the chair in the room at it before clutching at his chest and falling to the floor. When Class D Personnel ██████ and ██ ran in to resuscitate ████████████, they found ████████████ dead and a small amount of charred matter on the floor beside the box.

Upon closer analysis, this was found to be charred bone from the skull of the now deceased ████████████.

Tests will continue.

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