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Item #: SCP-781

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Despite possible re-classification to Keter status, SCP-781 should continue to be contained in Site-17, due to the inherent danger of moving SCP-781 to another location.

SCP-781 is currently being kept in total sensory deprivation. He is to be kept physically bound by a specifically designed straitjacket, and the temperature should be kept at 32 °C (89.632 °F). Wall should be lined with sound-proof materials to keep sound pollution from the site to the barest minimum. The room should be kept in total darkness from 18:00 to 06:00. He is to be given three dry meals a day, delivered through remote means.

SCP-781 is to conference with his assigned psychologist, Dr. Glass, each morning starting at 07:00, until released by Dr. Glass. These meetings should be done through remote auditory means.

Under no circumstances are any personnel to enter the containment area without proper authorization. Any personnel seeing SCP-781 in their dreams are to report to Dr. Glass for documentation.

Description: Refer to document ODD-SCP-781 for previous entries on SCP-781 that have since been made obsolete due to SCP-781’s exposure to SCP-242 during Security Breach Incident X23.

SCP-781 appears to be an average human male of unknown descent. As of ██/██/08 the subject is 178 centimeters tall, 72.5 kilograms. Subject’s skin is pale, and hair color and eye color fluctuate. Hair and eye color seem to be an indicator of mood, and should be taken into account when dealing with SCP-781.

Subject appears to be approximately sixteen (16) years old - however, when he was first recovered in █/█/97, he appeared to be approximately thirteen (13) years old. Subject has been determined to be physiologically identical to average humans, and the reason for the slowed effect of aging, or for any of his other abilities, is unknown.

Since his exposure to SCP-242, SCP-781 seems to have gained mastery over his skill at manipulating dreams. Before exposure, SCP-781 his ability to manifest dream objects and entities within the physical realm was a purely reactionary process to his nightly dreaming. Currently, SCP-781 not only seems to be able to use his ability to manifest objects while awake, but the subject seems to have gained control over the actions of his manifestations.

Subject now has developed the ability to quickly induce sleep on any personnel within his eyesight. Those affected in this manner quickly fall into REM sleep. It is thought SCP-781 has a certain degree of control over the dreams of his subjects, and can thus influence the possible manifestations to draw from them.

Thankfully, SCP-781 still remains quite prone to conventional methods of termination, even if he has proven creative in the use of his manifestations to escape harm. In the event that SCP-781 breaches containment, he is to be terminated if possible, and the corpse is to be taken into his chamber before disappearance and reanimation occurs.

Further Notes:
SCP-781’s current mental state is in sharp contrast to his personality before exposure to SCP-242. SCP-781 has refused to explain his experience with the Soul Mirror further, merely saying he understands his purpose, and that he must leave the facility.

Despite SCP-781’s now hostile attitude, personnel casualties due to SCP-781 have actually lowered since the incident, due to SCP-781’s newfound control and his refusal to outright kill any personnel.

Addendum 781-04: SCP-781 seems to be alternating between periods of extreme grief and despair, and indignant rage. I must order SCP-781 to be contained in isolation, and terminated on sight if attempts to escape containment are made. I am to be notified immediately should SCP-781 make any behavior out of the norm.
- Dr. Glass

Addendum 781-05: Two weeks since after the incident, SCP-781 agreed to conference with Dr. Glass. SCP-781’s willingness to cooperate seems to be returning.

Addendum 781-06: ██/██/08 - SCP-781 disabled containment measures, but did not leave chamber. SCP-781 then collapsed to the floor, entering a previously unseen state of mind, writhing as if in pain. Though visually showing signs of distress, SCP-781 began talking out loud in a calm voice. SCP-781 was terminated after a few minutes. Upon reanimation, SCP-781 expressed displeasure at being interrupted, but remained in containment without struggle.

Addendum 781-07: Inspection of audio recordings of SCP-058 during the night of ██/██/08 showed surprising results; a voice matching SCP-781’s was heard in the recording, along with that of SCP-058’s. SCP-781 refuses to explain anything relating to this incident.

<Begin Log>

SCP-058: The fools read the parables and scrolls of any redeemer as they seek the gate of the skin of life and cling greedily to the teat of shame so long it absolve them of their own putrid darkness.

SCP-781: They know not; men and gods succumb to fear but the mouse rises to duty. They aspire to raise their souls beyond the sluice that he has made.

SCP-058: Luck is the mother to hope, which blinds the desperate with light and points to vaporous divines, while their own souls wither to squares as they strangle all aspirations of strength.

SCP-781: They lie content, hiding within the light, as safety strangles them; but the souls of men break free from chains with the fables of regret, and pour the self into oblivion for the chance

SCP-058: The self is nothing when they have nothing left of what made them men; the snake eats its own tail or it will explode instead.

SCP-781: Sometimes even the sun must eat itself so the dawn may rise again for the ambitions of meager ambitions of men upon the scarred and frozen lake

SCP-058: The pretender kings crawl through mud seeking dominion of their squalid kingdoms, spilling blood and their own souls.

SCP-781: Fear is the shepherd that leads the insecure, who hide in shields of arrogant fragrance and seek absolution in this pungent ignorance. But those who will make seed of mud will rise in vines, singing the salvation of the worthy.

SCP-058: Born of void and bell, the ineffable dry screaming of bloody throats who have been driven mad by lucidity is the only tale of meaning; it is the poetry that means nothing. It comes.

SCP-781: It comes-

<End Log>

Addendum 781-08: SCP-781 maintains a fixation on SCP-182, but refuses to explain his desire to meet Saint. Request was raised to O5-██ and denied.

Addendum 781-09: Under repeated questioning from Dr. Glass, SCP-781 has said the following on his desire to meet SCP-182.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Glass: Why do you want to meet SCP-182, 781? You know I cannot petition O5-██ to authorize such a meeting if you do give me at least a modicum of reason.

SCP-781: Saint is like me. I must meet him to understand further about my purpose.

Dr. Glass: I see. But you used to talk about SCP-182, Saint, before you found your "purpose". Which, I remind you, you have yet to elaborate on.

SCP-781: I always felt a pull towards him. Before I gazed into myself, I thought it was something different. Now I know it's just because he's my complement.

Dr. Glass: Would you expound on that?

SCP-781: He's the waking world, as I am the world of night. Before I can fully find my purpose, I have to see the other side of the coin.

Dr. Glass: And what is your purpose SCP-781? Tell me.

SCP-781: The heart of darkness talks, and I must know what can be done.

<End Log>

Subject refused further comment.

Note When was the last full examination of this thing? After only a few minutes exposure during maintenance. I've been suffering the most detailed, unpleasant nightmares of my life a few days afterward. Request a reevaluation. Containment Officer Devereux.

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