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Item #: SCP-782

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-782 is to be magnetically suspended in an evacuated concrete chamber of 30 metres radius, with the entrance kept under guard. Personnel with less than level 4 clearance are not permitted entrance to chamber without prior authorization, as matter of any sort coming within 20 metres of SCP-782 is rapidly torn apart to the sub-atomic level by the stream of spatial anomalies.

Description: This item is the remains of the Quadrapole Mass Collider.

It was constructed from part of the engine core of SCP-636. A rough translation from what appears to be a maintenance disk found with SCP-636 enabled partial repairs to be performed on the core. It became clear that the core was involved in performing the spatial topology modification associated with the operation of SCP-636. However the damage to the disk and inability to translate the data precisely into a terrestrial language prevented more than nominal repairs to be performed.

Details recovered of the future construction of the collider and the events surrounding its activation are covered in Document #44-1. Further details of the transient topological anomaly that caused SCP-782 to be displaced backward to ██████ ███████, ██ on ██/██/19██ are covered in Document #44-2.

In short, the collider was activated, but its operation was only a partial success. It constantly generates geometric and topological anomalies, mostly nuclear-scale black holes. These evaporate within seconds, and are the source of the violent radiation emitted by the device. In addition, the device generates cosmic string type structures, magnetic monopoles, and occasionally very short lived wormholes. These latter were of course the primary goal during the planning phase, however as yet no stable traversable wormholes have been seen.

As expected, the device draws its own power from a built-in nanoscale structure, which is believed to tap in to the zero-point energy of the vacuum. This has meant that it has not been possible to deactivate the device.

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