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Item #: SCP-783

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-783 is to remain covered in a concrete sarcophagus of at least 25.4cm (10in) thickness, and monitored by at least two Level 3 personnel and two Class D personnel. No life form should be allowed to enter SCP-783 without special authorization.

Description: SCP-783 is a small cottage located in Siberia, ████ miles from ████. SCP-783 measures 7 metres x 6 metres x 3.5 metres, and appears to consist of one room filled with furs, a rocking chair, and a fireplace. There are no windows and one wooden door serving as an entrance and exit. 783 appears to be two hundred (200) to two hundred and fifty (250) years old, and is built almost entirely from local stone.

SCP-783 appears to induce violent mutations in any form of life that enters it. Some testing has confirmed this effect in examples of extraterrestrial and extradimensional life. The mechanism underlying these mutations is currently unknown. The majority of contained and tested specimens exhibited a complete lack of pain reception, extremely augmented strength, and the ability to graft scavenged body parts onto their own frame.

A minority of specimens exhibited enhanced intelligence and visual capabilities in addition to the other mutations.

One specimen exhibited [DATA EXPUNGED]. Following thorough testing, the specimen was euthanized and disposed of via incineration.

SCP-783 is slated for intensive research in the next 6-8 years.

Addendum 001-A:
Can we get the lab techs to stop making the specimens fight? I came in this morning to find them trying to hide the evidence, and frankly, we need those specimens for testing. And that’s not even mentioning the damn mess they make… -Dr. Loomer

Addendum 001-B:
Well, since no one saw fit to stop the lab techs, eight specimens are dead and the only survivor is currently the size of a small elephant and trying to eat the mice we’ve been using for supplementary testing. Send a security team down here immediately; we can’t let this thing get loose. I’m locked in the clean room with an independent oxygen supply, flood the beast with gas. -Dr. Loomer

Addendum 001-C:
Requesting permission to acquire new lab techs and expose the old ones to the object to replenish our supply of specimens. I’m also requesting stronger locks on the cages and emergency shotguns in case of another incident. -Dr. Loomer

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