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SCP-787 before being stored into Hangar 04

Item #: SCP-787

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-787 is to be kept in Hangar 04 at Sector-28. 2 security cameras are to be stationed outside SCP-787. 5 security cameras are to be stationed in the interior cabin, baggage hold, and near the cockpit door. Security cameras are capable of being switched to night vision or thermal imaging remotely. EMF readers are to be stationed inside the cockpit, near cabin doors, and baggage holds. Both cameras and EMF readers are connected to Sector-28 security terminals. Any anomalies, such as EMF readings rising ██% above norm are to be reported to Sector-28 security and O5-█. Level 1 Security Clearance needed to access Hangar 04 for exterior maintenance. Level 2 Security Clearance needed to access the interior of SCP-787 and perform security system maintenance.

Description: SCP-787 was discovered ████, ██ 1987, ███ km from ████████, Washington. SCP-787 is an airplane, of similar make to Boeing's 747 airliner. SCP-787's hull possess no markings to indicate call-sign or manufacturer. SCP-787's windows have been blackened out with paint from the inside. The windows were whole at initial discovery, but events have resulted in multiple fractures. All doors and panels were tightly sealed when SCP-787 was discovered, requiring forced entry.

The interior of SCP-787 is heavily decayed, from the upholstery to the human bodies scattered about SCP-787. Autopsies of various bodies reveal cause of death ranging from strangulation, cannibalism, self-inflicted wounds, or starvation. The baggage hold is in a similar state of decay, containing the passengers' luggage and deceased animals. The cockpit is filled entirely with computer circuitry except for a small aisle allowing for access and maintenance. The hard drive of SCP-787 has been wiped clean, save for the flight log repeating the phrase: "TO BE SORRY".

Addendum 787-001: Comparison of written documents within SCP-787 to documents of the same date indicate that [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 787-002: As of ████, ██ 1988, increased security measures have been in place after four incidents occurring over the span of 30 days. SEE SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES FOR INFORMATION

The first incident reported by █████, ███. Claims to have heard unknown number of screams from within the cabin. Also claims to have heard 'something growling'. Verified by four other witnesses upon questioning.

Second incident reported by ███████, █████. SCP-787's windows were found damaged on the morning of ████, ██ 1988. Review of security footage indicates damages originate from cockpit to the tail. Cause of damage unknown.

Third incident reported by ████, ██████. On ████, ██ 1988, SCP-787's doors are unable to be opened and wracked with incessant pounding from interior. Interior access delayed until next morning.

Fourth incident reported by Dr. ██████ and Dr. ████████. Dr. ██████ and team investigate SCP-787 day after third incident (████. ██ 1988). After opening one of SCP-787's doors, Dr. ██████ pushed backward by unknown force. Dr. ██████ taken away for immediate medical attention. Dr. ████████ leads remaining team through investigation. SEE INCIDENT REPORT 787-D FOR INFORMATION

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