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SCP-794, label removed for security purposes.

Item #: SCP-794

Object Class: Keter (Euclid pending)

Special Containment Procedures: Pending further testing, SCP-794 and its by-products are to be considered a Keter-level biochemical threat. Accordingly, the object must not for any reason be removed from its airtight containment chamber, accessible via positive-overpressure airlocks. Any personnel handling the object must wear hermetically sealed bio-hazard suits with an integrated air supply, with the exception of D-class designated as test subjects. The bodies of expired test subjects are to be consigned to an adjoining storage unit with similar bio-chemical containment procedures until a viable method of disposal is devised.

Description: SCP-794 appears superficially identical to a bottle of █████-brand bottled water product. The bottle is, however, at all times filled with SCP-794-1, replenishing itself by unknown means.

SCP-794-1, which is the primary source of threat related to the object, is a clear fluid with a chemical composition virtually indistinguishable from ordinary water. The main distinction from ordinary bottled water is that the liquid is completely sterile and lacks any indication of having ever contained organic life. Upon consumption, the deletorious effects of SCP-794-1 become apparent after a period of roughly one (1) hour.

SCP-794 first came to Foundation knowledge through the unusual death of a hiker named ████ ██████████ (SCP-794-2), who was admitted to the ███ ██████ hospital with symptoms consistent with a severe case of dehydration. SCP-794 was later confiscated by Foundation operatives along with ████ ██████████'s other belongings and given an SCP designation after the unusual nature of SCP-794-2's death was connected to the object.

SCP-794-2 was admitted to the hospital due to severe dehydration and treated accordingly, with both oral and intravenous fluids, neither of which could prevent the rapid aggravation of the symptoms and SCP-794-2's subsequent death. During his stay in the hospital, SCP-794-2 was observed continually drinking from SCP-794.

Subsequent testing has revealed that any organism consuming an amount of SCP-794-1 becomes completely unable to absorb water from any other source. The subject also begins to suffer from a rapidly aggravating form of dehydration, which is to an extent treatable with SCP-794-1 but eventually begins to aggravate faster than the subject can absorb SCP-794-1, leading to death in all cases studied so far. The mean life expectancy after consumption of 0,1 litres of SCP-794-1 in healthy human test subjects is six (6) days in females, eight (8) days in males, the difference between sexes probably attributable to different percentages of body water in males and females.

Addendum: As of now, all testing should focus on the probability of a SCP-794-1 proliferation event. If the probability of a global-scale proliferation event is acceptably low, further testing as to weaponization potential and SCP-794-1 harvesting methods is to be conducted. Otherwise, the main focus of study should be the safe disposal of SCP-794 and any associated biological and/or chemical materials.
- Gen. ██████████

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