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Item #: SCP-795

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-795-01 is to be kept in a windowless room locked by electronic keypad and guarded by two Level 1 security staff. SCP-795-01 itself should be facing the wall away from the door. All observation of SCP-795 and SCP-795-01, including observation of experiments run on SCP-795 or SCP-795-01, should be conducted in a separate room using video feeds from camera(s) located in the containment room. Only Class D individuals involved with experiments on SCP-795 or SCP-795-01 should enter the containment room due to the risks involved. All items that have a reflective surface are strictly forbidden due to the nature of SCP-795. Level 1 security staff are to search personnel entering the containment room and confiscate any items with a reflective surface.

Description: SCP-795 is a humanoid figure that is contained within a mirror, designated SCP-795-01. SCP-795 appears as a "reflection" in the mirror, as if it walked in front of SCP-795-01. While reminiscent in appearance to a human, SCP-795 appears extremely emaciated, and has a completely featureless head, grayish skin, and limbs that are longer than the human average (approximately 45.7cm [1.5ft]). Although only appearing in the mirror, SCP-795 is capable of interacting with anything reflected in the mirror, as documented in Experiment Log 795-1. SCP-795 also appears hostile to any living creature (again, see Experiment Log 795-1). Exactly how SCP-795 senses its environment or what is reflected in the mirror is unknown.

SCP-795-01 is a full length standing floor mirror. The frame is made out of standard hardwood with wood legs extending behind for support. There are various runes and sigils carved into the frame (which are currently being researched) which is theorized to either be the cause of SCP-795's appearance in the mirror or what is keeping SCP-795 in the mirror. SCP-795-01's dimensions are 2.54cmx53.98cmx1.7m (1inx21.25inx67in). SCP-795-01 was recovered on ██-██-████ from the an attic of a house in ███ ██████, Massachusetts. The Foundation discovered SCP-795 and SCP-795-01 after an abnormal number of missing person reports were filed in the area. The cause was eventually determined to be SCP-795 after [DATA EXPUNGED]. Any attempts to test or sample the material of the mirror of SCP-795-01 has been unsuccessful due to SCP-795.

Excerpts of Experiment Log 795-1:

Excerpt 1:
Attempting to replicate an event observed during acquisition, an opaque tarp was placed over SCP-795-01. After ██ minutes, the tarp was removed, seemingly by an invisible force. However SCP-795 was seen to be moving the tarp "in" SCP-795-01.
Excerpt 2:
Subject (D-6215) is instructed to stand in front of SCP-795-01. After █ minutes SCP-795 appears in the mirror. Subject grows nervous. [DATA EXPUNGED] Subject's corpse hits the floor.
Excerpt 3:
Subject (D-6446) was told to face away from SCP-795-01. █ minutes later SCP-795 appears. Subject mentions that he feels as if he were being watched. SCP-795 appears to tap Subject on shoulder. Subject turns and [DATA EXPUNGED]
Excerpt 4:
Subject (D-2387) is blindfolded and placed in front of SCP-795-01. █ minutes later SCP-795 appears. [DATA EXPUNGED] similar to the previous experiments.
Excerpt 5:
Subject (D-3850) taps on SCP-795-01. SCP-795 immediately appears and [DATA EXPUNGED]

On ██-██-████, Agent D█████ has reported that he accidentally had been observed by SCP-795, but quickly fled the room before [DATA EXPUNGED]. Agent D█████ is to be reassigned to another part of the facility and monitored.

██-██-████: Agent D█████'s corpse was discovered by Agent Rexall in the █████ restroom on █████ ██. The corpse was visually consistent with those from Experiment Log 795-1 as is the autopsy report.

Note: On review of Agent █████'s psychological profile and discovering a growing case of spectrophobia and due to the manner of his death, I recommend that Site-██ should go into quarantine/lock-down, and security of SCP-795-01 be increased, and possibly an increase of object classification to Keter until we determine exactly how Agent D█████ was killed and if it truly relates to SCP-795
-Dr. Walters

Administrative Note: While lock-down seems a little extreme, I agree to the security increase and priority experimentation to determine the exact details of the incident.

Addendum 1:
After further testing, the details behind Agent D█████'s death have come to light. Results of the test can be found in Experiment Log 795-2. Security around SCP-795-01's containment room can be returned to normal levels and SCP-795 to remain at Euclid class. From now on personnel who violate the safety precautions are to be detained and used in experimentation of SCP-795.

Experiment Log 795-2:

Excerpt 1:
Subject (D-5505) told to run behind SCP-795-01 as soon as anything out of the ordinary occurred. minutes later ██ SCP-795 appears. Subject runs behind mirror. SCP-795 waits for ██ minutes and then leaves. Subject escorted out of containment room.
Excerpt 2:
Subject brought into the █████ restroom on █████ ██. After █ minutes Subject mentions feeling uneasy. Personnel and Subject mention seeing something "out of the corner of their eye" in the mirrors.
Excerpt 3:
After cameras are installed all personnel except for Subject exit the restroom. █ minutes later SCP-795 appears in bathroom mirror. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 2:
Absolutely no reflective surfaces are to be allowed in the same room as SCP-795-01 due to the events detailed in Experiment Log 795-3 (available with a Level 2 Security Clearance).

On ██-██-████, a Class D subject (D-8473) was instructed to hold a mirror 30.48cmx30.48cm (12inx12in) (hereafter referred to as D-8473's mirror) in front of SCP-795-01 until SCP-795 observed the mirror.
██ minutes later SCP-795 appeared in SCP-795-01. Upon "noticing" the mirror held by D-8473, SCP-795's reflection (in D-8473's mirror) began to climb out of D-8473's mirror while [DATA EXPUNGED] [DATA EXPUNGED] until ████████ shattered D-8473's mirror [DATA EXPUNGED] hundreds "imprinted" on the shards [DATA EXPUNGED] finally recontained.

Note: How we dodged the bullet of somebody's glasses catching the reflection of SCP-795, I'll never know. If SCP-795 ever "hitchhikes" out of containment it could go around hopping into all kinds of mirrors and other reflective surfaces and replicating. I recommend that we add a security team posted outside of the door to prevent the introduction of reflective materials into the containment room.
-Dr. Walters

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