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Item #: SCP-796

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-796a is to be tracked by Mobile Task Force Mu-7 (River Riders). They are to be based out of the SCPS-Godiva, publicly USS-Ducky. The Godiva is stationed on the Mississippi River, as per survey request #A632.

SCP-796a has been relocated to ██████. SCP-796b will remain at the facility until such time as SCP-796a switches subjects. At such times, the previous subject will be debriefed and sent to continue previous duties. All staff are to report sightings of any shadows or large cats, until the new SCP-796b is found and contained.

Description: SCP-796a is a shadowy mass that takes on the appearance of a catlike predator. No details can be made out, except by the subject chosen as SCP-796’s current “prey”. Said subjects have described the SCP as being a cougar (Puma concolor) of unusual size, completely black in coloration. Bright light renders the SCP completely invisible. Very perceptive individuals, and some mediums have been known to spot the shadow mass, unless currently “stalked”. Most people are unable to spot the creature.

Physically, the creature has little to no mass. Many have occupied the same space as the creature without harm. It does, however, leave footprints in soft materials. Light analysis has proven inconclusive.

Tests indicate that SCP-796a fully appears to a single individual at a time. While followed, this person is seen to suffer minor paranoia and dread. The foreboding sense of dread grows, as well as the person’s ability to perceive the SCP, until the “prey” is placed in some form of certain mortal danger. Live or die, the victim is then freed of SCP-796’s presence, as it moves on to its next target.

SCP-796a does not appear to cause the danger, but is only attracted to a person who will soon be in danger. As such, it could be useful as an early threat indicator. Further testing is suggested.

Incident Log #796-█/██/08:

Addendum: We finally have this thing in custody. Change the containment method immediately, and put the River Riders back on finding new SCPs. It looks like I will have the chance my predecessor did not. Time to begin controlled testing. -Dr. Rei

Observation Log #796-001:

Addendum: A staff member claims that SCP-796 bears similarities with a story her grandmother told her as a child. Although this may be nothing, her grandmother was of a tribe originally located in Missouri. I am assigning one of my assistants to study Native American mythology. Always follow all leads if able.

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