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Item #: SCP-797

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-797 must be kept inside a 3x3x3 meter containment room with constant light sources present. All telepathic SCPs are to be kept away from SCP-797. In the event that tests must be done, no less than 3 D-class personnel are to enter the room. Any personnel entering the room alone must be terminated on exit.

Description: SCP-797 is a metal file cabinet containing large series of documents concerning a murder case which occurred in ██████, 19██, which involved two bikers, and quite possibly a dog and/or a woman. The documents show signs of attempted burning and various other damage, and fills the two first drawers of the cabinet. It is to be noted that the report appears in no police or federal records whatsoever. Item was found in an abandoned mafia hideout.

The cabinet is generic, painted olive drab. The locking mechanism is nonexistent, and the third drawer is empty.

The documents themselves show very little threat. The dangerous properties of SCP-797 have been isolated to three pieces of the documentation. These sections of the document trigger the same series of events which inevitably lead to the subject's demise. The three pieces have been labeled 797-1 to 797-3. All documents were found returned to SCP-797 when left unattended. SCP-797-1 is the "Summary Report" document, or to be more accurate the information it contains. The bottom of the document shows signs of attempts to shred the document, and top left corner shows signs of burns. It's content, according to witnesses, explains in detail the analysis of the investigation which reveals [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon reading this document or a copy of it, what is labeled as 797-Phase 1 starts. SCP-797-2 has been noted to be the "Victim Data" document. This document, a single page, shows several burning attempts. The page contains little information, but reveals the victim's body was mangled beyond all recognition, at which point it was unknown if it was a large dog or a woman of small build. An edit specifies that several tissue test confirmed the victim to be human. Reading or otherwise acknowledging the contents of this document through any means will initiate 797-Phase 2, even if Phase 1 didn't occur. SCP-797-3 is a picture, always found clipped to SCP-797-2, and showing no signs of damage whatsoever, save for a cut probably made by scissors. It shows a mangled body, presumably the victim. It is crawled up in a fetal position, and seems covered in it's own innards. Looking at this picture will trigger 797-Phase 3, even if Phase 1 or 2 didn't happen in the subject.

During 797-Phase 1, the victim reported dreaming about two men holding a large dog in leash. Descriptions of the two men and dog varied, but a few things were constant: the area was an alley at night, and the dog seemed to have a wicked and fiendish smile. The victims also claimed that the two men seemed unaware of it. Subjects then woke up in a sweat and was unable to sleep until the next night, where 797-Phase 2 took place.

797-Phase 2 consisted of another dream. What constituted the dream is unknown, as victims refused to speak about it, and clearly showed signs of shock and fear. Once again, the targets were unable to sleep until the following night and showed shock and clear signs of being unable to forget their dream throughout the day. Despite this, they easily slept once the night came, and 797-Phase 3 started.

797-Phase 3 possibly consisted of one last dream. All victims have shown the same symptoms: sleep movement, awakening during a period at which they were lying on their stomach, observation of their environment, and upon attempt to move, complete paralysis. At this point, two scenarios have been observed to happen, depending on the psychology of the subject: the victim either remained in the paralysis (eventually causing death due to hunger or thirst) or broke out of it. Subjects who broke out of paralysis reported an intense feeling of dread and insecurity. Several subject were observed staying in a voluntary immobility. This immobility caused some of them to expire in the same conditions as if they hadn't broke out of paralysis, even though they were fully conscious and aware. Several of them attempted communication, but victims showed a tendency to be very reluctant or to have problems in doing so (Authorized personnel see Document 797-1). Subjects who attempted getting up or who had an observer attempt to illuminate the room were subsequently killed by an entity labeled SCP-797-4.

SCP-797-4, from the reports of the few non-lethal encounters we had (Level 2 personnel read Addendum 797b), appears to be a woman with skin showing a sick tint of grayish yellow, sunken and pitch-black eyes, and silver hair. Very little is known about it due to the circumstances in which it appeared.

Addendum 797a: Subject D-232 entered containment alone for retrieval of SCP. SCP-797-4 appeared and decapitated him on the spot. Retrieval of SCP-797 is now to be done by at least 3 personnel, for safety.

Addendum 797b: 3 class-D personnel entered containment for retrieval. SCP-797-4 was spotted appearing, but was chased off when D-254 pointed flashlight at it. Lights must now be on during retrieval of SCP-797.

Document 797-1: Data log acquired during "interview" of subject (Labelled 797-D1) who broke out of paralysis, coordinated by Dr. █████ and executed by voluntary D-class personnel.

Log 797-██, Date ██-██-20██
Log starts with 797-D1 breaking out of paralysis, weeping.
D-208: …You alright?
797-D1: No… can't move…
D-208: Why so?
797-D1: She's gonna kill me… I swear…
D-208: Who?
797-D1: Her… She… She…
797-D1 starts crying.
D-208: Whoa whoa, calm down, one thing at a time…
D-208 moves in closer, rubbing 797-D1's back.
D-208: Who is she? What about her?
797-D1: Don't touch me… She'll hurt you too…
D-208: Don't worry about me. Tell me what's wrong.
797-D1: There was… There was…
797-D1 bursts out in tears, crying abundantly. D-208 starts patting 797-D1 on the back.
D-208: Now now, it was just a bad dream…

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