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Item #: SCP-799

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-799 is to be kept in a vault at Storage Area-5 with an eight character magnetized combination lock, with O5-█ and O5-██ being the only two with any knowledge of the combination, each with only half of the combination.The vault is to be surrounded by eight(8) D-class personnel at all times. In light of the artifact's abilities, SCP-799 is to only be handled by personnel with level 4 security clearance who have orders from three (3) O5 level commanders and both parts of the Combination from O5-█ and O5-██. Breach of this protocol is to result in immediate termination of personnel by the guards on-duty. After Incident 799-1(see Document 799-1), there shall be no further experimentation with SCP-799.

Description: SCP-799 appears to be an ordinary ████████ World History textbook. It was discovered █/██/██ during a hiking trip in the Appalachian Mountains by a group of hikers who were later arrested for attempting to kill a forest ranger for unknown reasons. When it came into possession of police, [DATA EXPUNGED]. Its date of publication is listed as █████ and several staff members remember having a similar textbook while attending secondary school. What makes this artifact of interest to the Foundation is what's inside it.

SCP-799 is separated into two (2) parts, the first has detailed accounts of every major occurrence in recorded history, but with many parts marked out or added to.Yet even though it was published in █████ it has events [DATA EXPUNGED]

The second part of SCP-799 chronicles the events of the reader's life, up until the time they read SCP-799. Even if two different people are reading it at the same time, the contents vary from person to person and seems to hold true no matter how many people are reading it at one time.

The most outstanding feature of SCP-799 is its ability to alter history. If one marks out a part of text in the book and writes something else, history will alter to reflect it, leaving only the marked out portion of text and the memories of those who were writing in, and/or touching the book when the change occurred. This also occurs when you add to or mark out a portion of the "personal history" part of the book. Due to the strategic value of such a powerful artifact, It has been locked away for possible use as a last resort against XK threats as the repercussions to the time line are unknown.

Document 799-1:

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