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Item #: SCP-800

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-800 is to be kept locked via standard ████-type deadbolt, with SCP-801-1 through 7 kept inside. Anyone who wishes to experiment on the artifact and/or its contents must have Level 3 clearance and acquire the key from security vault #████-████.

Under no circumstances may anyone (save human test subjects) wear any of SCP-800’s contents (described under SCP-801) for any amount of time.

Description: SCP-800 is a large antique wardrobe, measuring 9’x 6’ x 2’ and constructed of stained walnut wood with brass hinges. No physical or geometrical anomalies are present in its construction, and the wood itself holds no properties unusual to wood of its type. Hinges are heavily tarnished, but functional.

Artifact was discovered inside a long-abandoned cottage in the woods north of ███████, Scotland on ██/██/██, after receiving a report from zoologist Dr. ████, who discovered a wolf with human-like fingerprints on its pawpads in the same area. At time of retrieval, cottage was heavily infested with wild minks, raccoons and squirrels, many of which bore human fingerprints. Despite the cottage’s state of disrepair, the wardrobe had few signs of damage save several scratch-marks on the inside of its doors, as well as a heavy layer of dust.

The contents of SCP-800, due to their extraordinary properties, have been labeled as SCP-801.

When an animal is placed within of SCP-800 and the door closed, the wardrobe will somehow turn the animal inside into an article of fur clothing in less than five (5) minutes. During these five minutes the doors are impossible to open and sounds of the animal struggling and scratching can be heard from within. Once these noises cease, the door can be opened, and the article of clothing can be found hung neatly on the rack or folded up in one of the drawers, depending on what article of clothing SCP-800 creates at the time.

The size of the animal does not seem deter SCP-800’s clothing-making abilities. Accessories such as buttons and zippers are made of plastic, metal or wood, though it is unknown where these materials are retrieved. None of the articles created, however, hold the same transformation powers as the SCP-801 series do, suggesting that SCP-801 has a separate origin. How these artifacts came together is still a mystery.

The following animals have been used in the testing of SCP-800:

Animal: Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Result: Fox-fur Scarf. The head included glass eyes and the mouth was able to clip to the tail via a metal spring.

Animal: Cat (Felis catus)
Result: Cat-skin mittens (note: the cat used in this experiment was, in fact, named “Mittens”. This has been written off as a coincidence).

Animal: Mouse (Mus musculus)
Result: “Mickey Mouse” hat. Hat was similar in size and shape to the popular Disneyland souvenir, though made out of mouse fur.

Animal: Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus)
Result: Snakeskin vest. Despite placing only one snake inside, vest appeared to use more material than would be possible.

Animal: Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)
Result: Feather headdress.

Animal: Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Result: Pair of lucky rabbit’s feet on a keychain. The rest of the rabbit was [DATA EXPUNGED]

Animal: Dead fox
Result: No effect.

Animal: Housefly (Musca domestic)
Result: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Article appeared to be made entirely of a chitinous material.

Animal: Human (non-SCP-801 test subject)

Animal: Human (prior to wearing SCP-801-4)
Result: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Attacked three witnesses before being terminated.

Animal: SCP-682 (tissue sample)
Result: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Described by witnesses as “horrendously tacky”.
Memo from Dr. ███████: “We are not doing that again.”

Addendum 800-1: As of ██/██/██, animal testing on SCP-800 is no longer permitted until further notice.

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