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Item #: SCP-801

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: See SCP-800.

Description: SCP-801 is a collection of seven articles of fur clothing found inside SCP-800 upon original discovery. All are made from real animal pelts, though none include any identification as to who constructed them.

Original contents of SCP-800’s larger confines are as follows:

-One (1) mink fur coat (SCP-801-1)
-One (1) raccoon fur coat (SCP-801-2)
-One (1) wolf fur coat (SCP-801-3)
-One (1) squirrel fur coat (SCP-801-4)
-One (1) sable fur coat (SCP-801-5)

Each coat is of a full-body design with a hood, and the pockets are empty.

Contents of the drawer are as follows:

-One (1) pair of rabbit-skin mittens (SCP-801-6)
-One (1) pair of elk-skin shoes (SCP-801-7)

When any of these coats are worn for longer than five (5) minutes, the wearer undergoes a sudden transformation into whatever animal the coat is made from. The process is extremely painful and continues until the person is 100% animal. The “animalization” process takes approximately ten (10) seconds. Once animalized, the subject will act on instinct as a normal animal would and does not appear to remember their previous humanity. No cure is known at this time.

During the first five minutes, the coat can be taken on and off at one’s leisure without worry as long as they do not keep it on for any longer than five minutes. Simply touching any of the garments holds no affect.

After the five-minute grace period, the coat will immediately “seal” itself up, trapping the wearer within as they are quickly and painfully transformed. Once the process is complete, the animal will immediately shed the coat (as well as any other clothes they were wearing as a human) and purposely avoid them at all costs. The reason for this behavior is unknown.

The only remainder of the subjects’ humanity is their finger and toe-prints, which are present on the animal’s pawpads.

SCP-801-6 and -7 also hold this animalization power, but are limited only to the hands and feet: wearing SCP-801-6 results in rabbit paws; SCP-801-7 result in elk hooves. Those who have undergone animalization via SCP-801-6 and -7 still retain their human memories, though studies have shown these subjects later suffer from extreme paranoia, mental degradation, and bizarre animal-like behavior (hopping around, making noises, biting/scratching when confronted, etc.).

Addendum: Testing the coats on non-human species has yielded unusual results. Though putting an ordinary animal inside a coat made from its own species (I.E., placing a raccoon inside SCP-801-2) has no effect, placing ordinary animals inside a coat made from a different animal results in [DATA EXPUNGED]

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