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Item #: SCP-802

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-802 is to be emplaced in an external wall of Reliquary Site-██ which receives direct sunlight frequently. The outside face is to be obscured with half-mirrored glass, and the room illuminated by the window is to be entirely free of artificial light sources, paneled in sanded unpolished hardwood, and dusted on a bi-weekly basis. Entry to the room is to be through an unlit airlock to avoid artificial light contamination. Three cameras are to be placed on mountings that are always outside the path of light projected through SCP-802. Two chairs for direct observation are to be placed against the wall bearing SCP-802, also outside the path of the light.

If on any Sunday there fails to be enough natural sunlight to illuminate SCP-802, one sunlamp with two backup lamps are to be moved across the external face of SCP-802 in an arc matching the angle of the sun on that day. If at any point the walls of the containment room are damaged, black sheeting is to be immediately erected to prevent contamination, and repairs must be completed by the following dawn.

Any personnel found with artificial light sources of any kind in the presence of SCP-802 are to be reassigned immediately.
Any personnel found in contact with the light passing through SCP-802 more than once are to be reassigned immediately.
Any personnel found to be subject to third-exposure effects of SCP-802 are to be detained immediately, by force if necessary, and terminated if contamination persists beyond seven (7) days.

Description: SCP-802 is a single pane of stained glass artwork recovered from an abandoned church in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The materials date back to the beginning of the twelfth century (approx. 1105 CE) and bear an irreparably damaged craftsman marking at the lower edge. The stained glass pattern is an intricate lattice work consisting of layered prism-cut colored glass fragments, with the lead tracery between pieces much finer than the prevailing techniques of the time, and the framework it rests in is cast iron finished with black gloss paint. The paint on the framework dates to at least one hundred years after the original materials (approx. 1220 CE) which indicates that SCP-802 was in use for some time. Its presence in such a small church remains unexplained.

The overall image of SCP-802 is entirely abstract and somewhat difficult to maintain direct eye contact with, with the exception of the word MONSTRO (Latin, ordain, appoint, set to a task or position) in a bright purple. Sunlight passing through SCP-802 takes on a different projected image every day, with no repeated images so far recorded. The overall pattern is that of a single Latin word on top indicating a theme which will occasionally repeat, with a scene depicted on the image below which animates slowly as sunlight progresses through the sky.

Subjects exposed to light through SCP-802 claim to feel a sense of purpose during exposure, the theme of the image at the time having no bearing on the effect. Three consecutive daily exposures to the light cause a permanent alteration in the mindset of those exposed. Third exposures effects do relate in some way to the theme of that day, with the subject remaining entirely lucid aside from the alteration in attitude, and are subsequently immune to the effects of SCP-802 exposure.

The primary hazard of SCP-802 is its behavior on Sundays. The sense of duty is reportedly much stronger, with the theme and image invariably related to battle. Third exposures to Sunday light always result in the subject believing that their sole purpose in life is to travel to the Holy Land to wage war in the Crusades, and they will take any action within their power to achieve that end. If no sunlight or lighting from the sun lamps passes through SCP-802, the image shifts to a depiction of hell or the apocalypse and remains in that state until another subject is exposed.
Exposure to the negative images results in the infliction of theme-appropriate wounds, occasionally fatal.


In incident SCP-892-17a, Agent [REDACTED] was exposed to a stray beam of light for the third consecutive day on a Sunday. With access to a significant personal expense fund, and granted provisional access to armory resources, he hired and armed a team of mercenaries and militants and began a personal Crusade against Israel and Palestine, resulting in ███ total casualties before being subdued by Israeli security forces. The event was explained as the actions of rogue militants, and secure containment procedures on SCP-802 have since been updated. Agent [REDACTED]’s methodical approach to the imposed duty was the most severe recorded reaction, but also by far the most worrisome.

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