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Item #: SCP-810

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently no long term plan of containment has been discovered for the base version of 810, (which in itself does not exist, it is simply what all forms of 810 share in common as they are physically identical to each other), or for the eight variants, which differ in how they act. Although manipulation based on 810-01 through 810-08's specific missions and goals has proved moderately successful, they are only short solutions that can not be continued indefinitely. These strategies are not official protocol, they were often created quickly, and enacted in the field. As they are not a valid form of containment, (unique, thrown together, and not full-proof) they will not be listed here. If found noteworthy or useful, however, they can be read in the description of the objects.

Description: SCP-810-base version is a life support suit made out of a dark green metal not found on Earth. The suits fits to any body type, because of separated flexible plates that loosen and then tightly fit together. On the back of the suit is a computer screen scrolling green characters and beneath this is a small hatch which reveals a set of several vials attached to the person contained within, all holding feces, urine, blood samples, skin tissues, and other extractions. Built into it are the necessities to sustain and protect a human being for an infinite amount of time. It accomplishes this by machines incorporated into the device at a level of technology beyond us, and slight biological alterations to the wearer themselves. (The person is not fundamentally changed, mostly it is implantations that are added, in the style of a small unobtrusive system of artificial tubing.) This includes, with some modifications in other types:

  • Temperature Control
  • Pressure Support
  • The helmets glass panel can be opened and closed, when closed extremely oxygen rich air is pumped into the space around the person's head. There is an unlimited supply.
  • A feeding system. Nutrients are pumped directly into the blood and more solid foods and liquids are brought to the stomach via nanofiber tubing. Waste is excreted into two slots located by the genitalia and anus, and then obliterated. Occasionally waste products have been sucked into another compartment and kept in a small tube near the back of the suit.
  • Small tendrils that pierce the skull and branch off into the brain. These hairs will grow to specific parts of of the brain and then lie there, giving off electricity, rearranging tissue, and occasionally stimulating the organ. It has been discovered that these adjustments can control the body directly, which is then directed by some intelligence, or modify behavior and change chemical balance. This is the reason why all subjects cannot attempt suicide.
  • Extreme Invulnerability. The suits have resisted everything they have been subjected to so far, from bullets, falls, rapid decompression, vacuums, large explosions, corrosive acids, ██████, and ████████████-██████.

It is unknown how it exactly accomplishes these feats, especially the continuous creation of oxygen and food, even in space or other matter light areas, although a lack of energy is certainly not the problem, for it gives off the power of a small sun. This is also unexplainable.

Despite all these capabilities, the suit suppresses some on them at times so it can purposely subject the person inside to various environment dangers, harmful or different scenarios, and anatomical stress. Each suit is focused on a specific type of experimentation. After the subject dies and the testing is done, the suit will split down the middle and eject the subject, and then move towards the next closest person, opening and closing itself threateningly. It will then leap at the subject and enclose them and commence additional examination.

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