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Inital stage of SCP-813 infection

Item #: SCP-813

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any and all personnel interacting with SCP-813 must be equipped with a level A haz-mat suit with re-enforced face shield. Individual instances of SCP-813 must each be contained in separate, sealed containers at all times. Any electronic devices used in testing, or otherwise interacting with SCP-813 must be isolated from any network connection, and destroyed immediately after interaction (see Document 00YE-51).

In event of containment breach and infection by SCP-813, any areas with SCP-813 present will go into immediate lock down. Individuals infected are to be immediately isolated and placed in quarantine. Individuals are to remain in quarantine for observation and testing until the rejection of SCP-813 from the body. Area lock down will not be lifted until the location of all SCP-813 instances have been accounted for.

Description: SCP-813 appears to be a thin shard of glass (2.8 cm x 0.3 cm) composed primarily of silicon. While appearing totally clear, at extreme magnification a microscopic system of circuitry, wires and other electronic components are visible. No power supply has been detected, however the components have been shown to operate at a very high voltage at all times. The means by which this is accomplished, along with the miniaturization process and materials used to create the circuitry are still under investigation.

SCP-813 is capable of making short “jumps”, propelling SCP-813 up to one meter at a time. The means of propulsion have not been observed, however the force is great enough to penetrate 0.6 cm of steel. SCP-813 will attempt to enter the eye of a human subject, becoming lodged in the optic nerve. This is accompanied by a brief, sharp pain and momentary blindness in the subject, dissipating after a few seconds. Several wires will then issue from SCP-813, following the optic nerve up into the brain. These wires will then connect to several sections of the brain, becoming fully intertwined with all major nerve centers within three hours.

SCP-813 will “ride” in a human subject for five days. Activity observed within the wire network created by SCP-813 indicates that SCP-813 is “recording” data, including visual stimuli and brain activity. On day five of exposure, SCP-813 will send an electrical “pulse” into the brain. This disrupts all neural activity, and appears to be an attempt to “override” and control the brain by SCP-813. However, the massive nerve damage causes major sections of the brain to shut down, causing the death of the subject, or intense mental disorders, primarily extreme rage. This is accompanied by bleeding from the eyes, nose and ears.

Once neural damage has been “detected” by SCP-813, it will rapidly retract wires, causing additional brain damage. SCP-813 will then attempt to enter a new subject by “jumping” from the original subject's eye. To date, ██ instances of SCP-813 have been recovered. All instances have been recovered near major metropolitan centers. This has led to [DATA EXPUNGED].

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