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Item #: SCP-816

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be contained in a locked security locker in Lab 6 B in Reliquary Research and Containment Site-76. Standard protocols apply for use and experimentation regarding the item. Item is not to be used for personal reasons, despite the seeming attractiveness of its abilities.

Description: Item is a standard pair of red All Star Converse running shoes, size UK 9, of basic and simplistic design, and having no extra brand names or odd marks, save for the etching of a small timepiece in the sole of the heel. Tests indicate that the item mostly made of standard plastics and nylons, save for a slightly higher than average content of silicon. Given the extraordinary abilities of the item in question, it is impossible to raise and accurate age, but judging from appearance, they do not look well worn.

The shoes have the odd quality of changing the metaphysical dimension of time, into a purely physical one when worn. For example, should the wearer begin to walk forwards, the subject will begin to physically age, whereas if the subject walks backwards, the opposite effect is true.

The effect in question not only affects the wearer's age, but his place in the chronological sequence of things, such as gradually going further into a future timeline when walking sideways to the user's right, and appearing in the past when walking sideways to the user's left. This effect has led to several odd situations, where a mirror double has appeared next to an experimenter before disappearing further into the timeline before he has actually decided to walk.

Surprisingly enough, when altering, or indeed simple disregarding the timeline, it seems to have no discernible effect on the reality of those in question, raising the possibility of alternate timelines, parallel universes, and subjective destiny. For example, Dr. Orrey was presented with a future version of himself who gave him a penny, before returning to his own timeline. However, though Dr. Orrey refused to participate in continuing the chain, and the penny continued to exist in this timeline, alongside its present double, the penny that Dr. Orrey would have most likely passed on had he completed the circle. It is believed that the shoes simply allow one to travel into the next nearest most likely alternate timeline from that wearer's point in the their own timeline, although it can be possibly be manipulated by changing one's intent with regards to the destination timeline.

With regards to experimentation with time manipulation, and all of the above referenced theories, further experimentation is needed.

Addendum 816-01: Various experiments regarding the direct taken, and effect of SCP-816 have been made. Traveling diagonally has the same effect as if two directions were combined.

What arouses the interest of certain researchers on the project is the application of moving up and down, i.e. jumping. After some short theorizing, Prof. James concluded that it would lead to trans-dimensional traveling. However, when he attempted this, only the shoes returned twenty seven (27) minutes later; two feet, slightly smoking, and with charred debris (later found to be burned fragments of Prof. James's feet) were inside. Needless to say, experiments involving jumping have been permanently discontinued.

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