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Item #: SCP-818

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-818 will be kept in a standard locked containment unit on a 2TB hard drive wired to a standard desktop computer, with a 2-button mouse, a pair of headphones and one English QWERTY keyboard connected to it. A backup of SCP-818 will be kept on a standard 700MB CD-ROM inside a locked safe held at [DATA EXPUNGED]. In the event that the hard drive SCP-818 is installed on risks failure, simple data transferal to another hard drive by authorized personnel followed by complete magnetic wipe on the original hard drive is to be done. Access to SCP-818 must be authorized by at least one administrator.

Description: SCP-818 is a computer program, 586 MB in size and coded in a previously unknown programming language (which is in the process of being analyzed), which runs as an OS on any standard PC, showing a clear compatibility. The program seems to feature graphical, audio, mouse, and keyboard interfaces. It apparently does not require any drivers of any kind, and does not seem to alter in any way the host computer's function. SCP-818 was found on an old 600MB hard drive of unknown build, which was connected to the computer of a convicted blackmailer. Said blackmailer was arrested and put on a lifetime sentence in prison, making easy retrieval of SCP-818 possible.

Usage of this program grants the user an access to a complete interface which plays a live audio, video and textual feed of what the chosen target (which is entered at start-up) sees, hears, and thinks, but not his emotions, touch feeling or any other sense. Program also features a large database containing many names, amongst which all previous users are listed, which allows quick selection for the program to be used against them. Names other than known users of the program will cause a denied access error upon selection.

There seem to be limits to the selection of the targets. Most notably, a delay of one week since last contact with victim of the program seems to block access to their data until the user meets the target again. Other bounds, if existing, are still unknown.

Program also shows signs of omniscience as it will cease to function when the current user lies about its name in the first prompt, and a mockery audio loop is triggered and ran for five minutes when the user enters its own name as the target, which implies SCP-818 knows who is using it (which was to be expected given the nature of the SCP). It should also be noted the program will operate despite all lack of external connection to any form of network, and fails to use said networks if they are connected.

During the time of use, a small text box lays at the bottom of the screen, which allows command prompting. Known commands, discovered by trial and error, go as follows:

-vol: Followed by a decimal value between 0 and 100, changes the audio volume
-cpanel: Opens the control panel (Said control panel merely holds functions to change the graphical appearance and arrangement of the interface and do not affect whatsoever the program's behavior)
-list: Allows access to the previously mentioned database, at which point any name of any of the previous users may be selected for spying (Attempt to spy on the unknown names caused a "Target Unavailable" error)
-tgt: Brings back the target input
-log: Saves a complete log of all video, audio and textual input into an unencrypted file on the disk
-open: Brings up a file explorer which allows opening previously-saved logs
-mngr: Opens a file manager for deleting unwanted logs
-exit: Causes the program and causes the computer to shut down.

The only side effect noted by the users is a constant feeling of being observed after using the program, but it can usually be ignored and has no major repercussion.

Anyone caught using SCP-818 without authorization or copying the hard drive's content on a portable data device will face serious reprimand on first offense, and all subsequent offenses will result in demotion to the lower level until D-class. D-class personnel caught on a second offense will be [DATA EXPUNGED]. Seriously, this program is not a toy.

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