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SCP-820 is closed Mon to Fri after 7pm and on weekends after 9pm.

Item #: SCP-820

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-820 requires no special containment protocol but is required to be monitored by at least two personnel during hours of operation and one person during closed hours. Mr. ████████████ does not mind the company and has expressed pleasure at having persons to converse with while working. In the event potentially hazardous objects should appear within SCP-820, the on-staff agents should contact HQ and request orders on how to contain or document these objects.

Description: SCP-820 is a garage located in up-state ████████████ on ██████ St at the corner of ████████████. It is a family owned vehicle repair center, owned by the ████████████ family, that has been in operation since the 1950s. Starting in the late 1980s, Mr. ████████████ was struck with blindness; however, his shop remained open for business. As local requests for work began to recede, they were replaced by requests for repair originating from unknown sources. SCP-820 came to Foundation attention when an agent's car broke down near Mr. ████████████'s shop and, while having it repaired, a vehicle of non-human origin was found waiting in the garage next door.

The vehicle that drew Foundation attention only remained for one day, the duration which it took Mr. ████████████ to repair what he stated was a bad fluid distribution control. The vehicle appeared to be entirely organic in nature but otherwise resembled a Studebaker with a dark brown leathery 'skin' job on the exterior. The SCP-820 location was monitored overnight with no incident. The following morning, when Mr. ████████████ opened for business, the vehicle was gone and a Ford Model-T had taken its place.

According to Mr. ████████████, these vehicles are left during the night and picked up in the morning, or, on rare occasions where the work is more in-depth, the following morning. Payment for these repair jobs are deposited to his account directly. Investigation of Mr. ████████████'s banking records show repair payments ranging from $10 up to $████████████, all coming from an unknown source simply marked 'DEPOSIT'.

While blind, Mr. ████████████ is capable of working on any vehicle left within his garage using only the standard tools of the car repair trade. On occasions where the car may require something special to repair it, those tools or parts are left inside the trunk or equivalent thereof in addition to recorded repair requests. These requests always come on a standard mini-cassette and always are recorded by a digital voice of indeterminate gender.

It is unknown if SCP-820 is Mr. ████████████ himself or the location at which he works. Mr. ████████████ refuses to work or diagnose any vehicle not residing within his own garage, citing his blindness and unfamiliar surroundings as being a great issue. While within his garage, Mr. ████████████ shows intimate knowledge of the location of all his tools at all times, even if the tools are moved around by another person.

Background checks on Mr. ████████████ show he is a Russian immigrant who has been living in the United States for the last fifty years with no extraordinary education or former places of employment.

To date, no vehicle left for repair by Mr. ████████████ has been 'unfixable'. Repair jobs of significant note include:

  • A '65 Mustang whose repair was requested by O5-█ which required a full week to rebuild and was returned in full working order. The vehicle had been salvaged from a river and parts for it that were not immediately available in the workshop were purchased by O5-█.
  • A vehicle of non-human design intended for one driver and no passengers that suffered from 'cracks in the fission cooling system'.
  • A 'Clown Car' capable of containing approximately one hundred (100) individuals within a distorted space. The vehicle suffered from four flat tires and a corroded muffler. The horn was also replaced with a custom horn which played 'Can't Touch This' when used.
  • A vehicle resembling a saucer shaped ship matching those depicted during the 1950s, suffering from a cracked windshield.
  • A Volkswagen van suffering from broken tie-rods.
  • A wooden go-cart needing a tire replaced.
  • The engine unit of what was described by Mr. ████████████ as coming from a 'Class X7 Freighter'. This unit required two days to work on and all parts were included with the recorded repair request. This request stated that the engine seemed to 'stall' and seemed to get low fuel efficiency.

Additional repairs of interest will be recorded as they are observed.

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