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Item #: SCP-820

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-820 is kept at Site 20, in a soundproofed chamber with a temperature of 20-25° C. Any device with the capability to play a vinyl record is not allowed to be brought into SCP-820's containment space. SCP-820 is not to be played. In the event that SCP-820 is played, all personnel are to be evacuated from the room and the personnel responsible for playing SCP-820 is to be terminated immediately.

Description: Discovered in [DATA EXPUNGED] in 2███, SCP-820 resembles a vinyl record with no distinguishing features. Upon being played, SCP-820 will play the listener's favorite song. Once the song concludes, the listener enters a homicidal rage, attacking everything in sight for the length of the song. During this rage period, the listener exhibits strength far beyond human capabilities and can sustain wounds which should be inconsistent with human life. However, once the rage period concludes, these qualities are lost, and the listener collapses.

Testing has revealed remarkable properties of the listeners of SCP-820. In one testing session, the subject, a D-class personnel of previously average strength, ripped off the handle of a reinforced steel door in an attempt to find a suitable target; in another, despite having been removed at the waist, the subject's upper body continued to drag itself across the floor. Subjects would attack any organism from the kingdom Animalia, and showed no preference as to the sex, race, or species of targets. If deprived of any animate target, the subjects would attack themselves with the same brutality displayed toward other organisms.

At the end of the rage period, all subjects immediately fell to the floor, entering an unrousable coma-like state. Most immediately expired from injuries inflicted by themselves or other personnel. Of those who survived, most appeared confused upon awakening, and all denied any recollection of events that had occurred during the rage period. Autopsy of the dead subjects revealed no abnormalities.

It has been suggested that the force animating listeners of SCP-820 originates not from the subjects, but from SCP-820 itself. However, due to the danger to human life inherent in using SCP-820, further testing is not authorized at this time.

Addendum: Due to the nature of the record the U.S. military has requested further research for use in super soldier development. Dr. ███████ has advised that for political reasons, this research should not be done.

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