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Item #: SCP-821

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-821 is to be sealed tightly within SCP-821-A when not in use, and both SCP-821 and SCP-821-A must be put inside a fire-proof cylindrical container 5 cm in radius and 7 cm in height, with a triple-combination lock. The container is to be lined with heat-retardant and shock-absorbing material that cushions SCP-821-A securely. Samples of SCP-821 may be taken only with a written permission from O5-█, copied and signed in triplicate. Samples may be taken only for experimentation. During acquirement of sample, great care must be taken to ensure that neither SCP-821 or its sample is exposed to heat or excessive friction.

Description: SCP-821 is a black, ink-like liquid stored within an inkwell (referred to as SCP-821-A). SCP-821 is volatile and may explode if enough heat or friction is applied. Spectrometric analysis had detected that SCP-821 is a nitroglycerin-like compound, but with [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-821-A is an inkwell with no labels or identifying features, which constantly generates enough SCP-821 to remain 98% full.

If SCP-821 is subjected to excessive heat or friction, it will combust and explode in a similar way to nitroglycerin. Any surface within two meters of the nearest combusting SCP-821 will have characters printed on it. The characters are similar to a standard American typewriter in style, and range between 5 mm to 5 cm in height. Characters that were produced in this way do not display sentence or word patterns, and are spaced randomly. The only surface which is immune to this effect is the surface of SCP-821-A. Printed characters can be washed off with standard detergent.

SCP-821 and SCP-821-A were originally found in Switzerland in a small cottage in the Swiss Alps recently bought by Agent █████. Its effect was noticed when Agent █████ accidentally knocked SCP-821-A off from a shelf. SCP-821 was quickly transported to site-██ in [REDACTED] and a cleaning team were sent to Agent █████'s cottage.

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