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Item #: SCP-824

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The fortified walls around SCP-824 are designed to be entirely soundproof. Entering the chamber requires no special bodily protection, beyond the necessary earmuffs and goggles. Absolute silence is required when within the room. The first, larger sealing door must always be firmly closed before the second inner door is opened to the word eater's chamber. Silence must again be specially enforced in the brief moments when the chamber door is opened. SCP-824 must never be allowed to hear any sound beyond that of foot steps or the creaks of the doors. Those admitted must avoid direct eye contact with SCP-824, and will be briefed beforehand on how best to clear the mind of thought.

Description: First encountered in a disused [DATA EXPUNGED] in Southern Ireland, currently located in the British Isles facility to prevent unnecessary exposure to knowledge during transportation. SCP-824 biologically resembles a male of at least 80 years of age, and although apparently feeble and weak, proved incredibly physically resilient. Designated 'The Word Eater' soon after its incarceration and discovery of its capabilities. SCP-824 was accidentally fed with a large amount of sustenance upon its recovery. Its malevolent ability was not fully understood until a large amount of information was already consumed and irrevocably lost. It remains in its chamber willingly, and has not made any attempt to knowingly harm anyone that enters. SCP-824 does not appear to age or sicken, regardless of its lack of sustenance in recent years.

SCP-824 will consume any minor mumbling or sound without obvious effect. Making direct eye contact with SCP-824 will result in immediate consumption of surface thoughts, and total loss of the memories related to them. SCP-824 is contained to prevent its continuing consumption of the worlds finite amount of words. The empty volumes discovered in subjects original location contained many countless phrases and language fragments that are now irrevocably and retroactively missing from the collective consciousness. The Word Eater obtaining an item as simple as a modern dictionary would prove universally devastating.

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