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Item #: SCP-831

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-831 is to remain in a vacuum-sealed container in a freezer kept at or below 265 K at all times. Personnel looking after SCP-831 must wear heat-resistant material while checking the container for any leakages. If the container housing SCP-831 is compromised, SCP-831 must be immersed in liquid nitrogen immediately and must remain there until a replacement container is found.

Description: SCP-831 is a thick, partially melted lit candle. The candle remains alight and resists all efforts to extinguish it, continuing to produce heat even in liquid nitrogen. Exposure to oxygen causes the heat and flame produced by the candle to increase exponentially. Currently located in an underground installation in Maralinga; discovery and initial experiments with SCP-831 were successfully disguised as nuclear tests.

Addendum: Doctor █ has requested comparison tests between SCP-831 and SCP-451.

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