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A recent file photo of SCP-832.

Item #: SCP-832

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-832 is to be stored in an asbestos-lined safe in a room equipped with an industrial-grade fire suppression system and a separate observation area with fire-proofed blast windows. Researchers and other personnel are remain within the observation area and may use the provided waldo arms to manipulate SCP-832. Only D-Class personnel may actually enter SCP-832's storage area and interact with the object for experimental purposes.

Description: SCP-832 is a 91.44 cm (36 inch) J-handled walking cane. The cane is glossy black, made of carbon fiber, with orange and red flame patterned markings on the bottom portion. The foot is capped with a black rubber tip. Similar models have been available from commercial walking supply retailers since late 2005. The cane has a constant surface temperature of 43 degrees Celsius (109 degrees Fahrenheit). SCP-832 is immune to damage from heat and combustion.

SCP-832 can project and manipulate fire by the verbal or mental direction of user. Flames produced originate from SCP-832 and can be projected anywhere within line of sight to a distance of ██ meters (██ feet). Typically, fire generated by SCP-832 has a maximum temperature of ███ degrees Celsius (███ degrees Fahrenheit), but exceptional users have generated temperatures up to ████ degrees Celsius (█████ degrees Fahrenheit). Only one person can use SCP-832 in this manner at a time, with SCP-832 "imprinting" on the first person to touch it after the loss of its previous owner. After "imprinting," anyone handling SCP-832 [DATA EXPUNGED]. Using waldo arms and similar devices to manipulate SCP-832 does not provoke this effect. Like SCP-832 itself, "imprinted" subjects display immunity to damage from heat and combustion.

Once a subject touches SCP-832, they begin to display recurring dreams of fire (onset when the subject next sleeps), pyromania (DSM-312.33) (onset within 11 hours), and eventually pyrophilia (DSM-312.30-NOS) (onset within 67 hours) and associated loss of sexual stimulation from other non-pyrophilic stimuli. Prior to SCP-832 entering the Foundation's hands, users of SCP-832 would typically engage in sexually motivated arson-murders based on these urges. Suspected instances include [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-832 was retrieved April 14, 19██ from the remains of a house fire in █████, Oklahoma, from which █ bodies were recovered (believed to the SCP-832's previous user and █ victims.

Additionally, users of SCP-832 develop skeletal and muscular damage to the their dominant leg (x-rays and related medical files are compiled in Document 832-005), resulting in a pronounced limp and consequent reduction in mobility (onset within 17 hours). It is currently theorized that this is intended to increase the dependancy of users upon SCP-832 for mobility, in addition to its psychological and extra-normal effects.

Users of SCP-832 die due to spontaneously combustion a maximum of ███ days after first touching the object. Testing with Class D personnel has indicated that SCP-832 users who kill sentient beings with SCP-832's abilities combust on an accelerated schedule, with the ███ day limit decreasing by ██████████████████.

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