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SCP-836 when sealed

Item #: SCP-836

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When empty and/or untied, SCP-836 poses no threat, and requires no special containment. It is to be kept in storage until required for testing. However, as there is a fixed amount of SCP-836 left, as well as a high potential for misuse, personnel seeking to remove it from storage must have prior permission from Dr. █████.

Description: SCP-836 is a bag of multicoloured balloons, currently numbering ninety-eight (98): eighteen have been used in testing. Samples of SCP-836 prove to be spherical when filled. If inflated with gas, they act as normal balloons. However, when an instance of SCP-836 (hereafter known as SCP-836-F) is filled with a liquid and tied off, it becomes incredibly volatile. When SCP-836-F is thrown or dropped against a surface, it explodes with the force of an amount of high explosives corresponding to the amount of water. Exact measurements are not known as of yet. It is unknown whether different colours have a different outcome.

Samples of SCP-836-F have also been found capable of producing shrapnel, despite being filled with only liquid. The shrapnel proves to be as destructive as that produced by standard grenades. It has proved impossible to study any shrapnel thus far, because after approximately ten (10) seconds it melts into the liquid it was originally filled with.

Addendum: Any testing performed with SCP-836-F is to be done in a suitably large testing field. Also, any tests performed should be documented below.

Experiment Log

Balloon(s): Number used, colours.


Name: Dr. Fradd
Date: 9-09-09
Balloon(s): Five (5); blue, green, red, yellow, orange.
Liquid: None.

Results: All balloons were inflated manually by a D-Class personnel. All behaved normally when filled, slowly drifting to the floor when tied and released. D-Class was requested to pop them all. No abnormalities occurred, though D-Class complained of ringing ears after.

Date: 11-09-09
Balloon(s): Two (2); purple.
Liquid: Bottled water.

Results: First balloon was filled by D-class to be approximately the size of a grenade. Amount of water in balloon equaled ███ miliLitres. Upon request by Dr. Fradd, balloon was left untied before being thrown. When thrown, no abnormalities occurred, and D-class complained that water got in his shoes. Second balloon was filled with an equal amount of liquid and tied off. The balloon immediately became firm and unyielding to touch. D-class was instructed to stand close to the doctor and throw the grenade as far as he could. Upon landing, the grenade [DATA EXPUNGED], leaving a crater (described by the D-class as "████ing huge") and shrapnel, observed to be made of ice. The shrapnel was not cold. It melted within seconds. All personnel present were injured, however there were no fatalities.

Date: 23-09-09
Balloon(s): Five (5); green.
Liquid: Bottled water.

Results: D-class was instructed to fill balloons. Balloons were filled with differing amounts of liquid. Volumes varied between [DATA EXPUNGED], and averaged at [DATA EXPUNGED]. All were thrown by D-class. Result was five small holes in the testing field, as well as ice shrapnel a few metres around each area. D-class was instructed to collect some shrapnel for testing, but all samples melted before collection was complete.

Date: 30-09-09
Balloon(s): Five (5), red, were removed for testing. Four (4) were later returned to storage.
Liquid: Bottled water.

Results: Balloon was filled with ██ millilitres of water. Test was cancelled after D-class instructed to throw SCP-836-F chose to throw it at Dr. Fradd. The doctor suffered numerous superficial wounds, predominantly to the arms and face, and proceeded to verbally abuse the D-class before she could be ushered to an infirmary. Dr. Fradd was reprimanded for her poor behaviour, and the D-class sentenced to Keter duty.

Note: Bloody [REDACTED] [DATA EXPUNGED] 173. - Dr. Fradd.

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