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Item #: SCP-838

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Object the be kept in 4m x 4m x 4m containment chamber of 0.5m thick titanium. Chamber must be surrounded on all sides by 20m or more of inert metal or rock. Chamber must be located no less than 100m from any other containment chamber, access passageway (excepting direct access to SCP-838), moving machinery or geological feature.

All items must be approved before introduction to containment chamber. Firearms are forbidden within chamber. Chamber to be vacuum sealed when experimentation is not in progress. Compression and decompression must be conducted at no more than 5 liters per minute. Failure to comply may result in containment breach. Total energy content of chamber must be kept as low as possible, including kinetic. All personnel are required to keep movement within chamber to a minimum, except as part of approved test procedures.

Original form of SCP-838 when recovered by Agent ████████

Description: SCP-838 varies in appearance and physical properties. Its size has been observed to range from 5cm to 2.3m, its mass from 11g to 1100kg. When first retrieved SCP-838 took the form of a bronze statuette; since then it has taken a number of forms and currently appears as a puddle of liquid metal. It has at many times taken on the appearance of a metallic structure of complex design, fundamentally similar but every design distinct from each other.

Current form of SCP-838 as of ██/██/████

SCP-838 is capable of "stealing" physical forms or attributes from its surrounding. Whatever property SCP-838 steals is permanently removed from the target and temporarily assumed by SCP-838 for a varying duration. When SCP-838 steals an object's form, the target is reduced to a featureless assemblage of its original matter. Experimental evidence suggests that SCP-838's range of influence is slightly less than 20m. This ability is used unpredictably and seemingly at random, except for [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-838 is incapable of movement, except by stealing momentum from its surroundings. Even when assuming the form of a moving object, it only inherits the same quantity of energy that it removes from the target. SCP-838 has thus far only been able to source kinetic and chemical energy, though the possibility of it sourcing nuclear energy in the future has not been discounted and poses a serious threat to containment.

SCP-838 does not appear actively hostile towards staff and other biological organisms. However it is capable of inflicting serious damage to anything within its range of influence, which is typically fatal. It is speculated that this is a secondary effect of its attempt to explore its environment rather than its primary intent. SCP-838 has continuously and methodically attempted to breach containment; while its behavior is indicative of instinct and reaction rather than intelligence, the incident where [DATA EXPUNGED] demonstrating a potential for sentience and planning [DATA EXPUNGED] which resulted in the objects upgrading to Keter class.

Addendum A - Partial Log:

The complete log may be found in the accompanying files.

SCP-838 after stealing "reflectivity" from the surrounding area
  • Temperature of SCP-838 increases to several hundred degrees (exact figure unknown) while surrounding area is flash frozen.
  • SCP-838 becomes totally opaque to large frequency range of electromagnetic spectrum. Spherical volume around SCP-838 rendered transparent, including containment chamber, surrounding rock and 1/3rd assigned research staff.
  • SCP-838 exudes liquid for 20 seconds. D-class personnel engaged in experimental procedure completely dessicated.
  • SCP-838 takes on a reflective surface and begins to glow brightly from within. Entire contents of chamber rendered non-reflective, currently under study as potential stealth material.
  • Containment breach in sector prompts a rapid evacuation. Fleeing staff suddenly frozen while SCP-838 accelerates to sufficient speed to breach primary containment. Containment procedures updated.
  • Experimental team suddenly collapse. After-incident autopsy shows that large sections of internal structure including the cranium were rendered featureless. Surface of SCP-838 takes on complex network appearance. SCP-838 then [DATA EXPUNGED] numerous casualties [DATA EXPUNGED] rapid and intelligent use of its abilities [DATA EXPUNGED] its mission [DATA EXPUNGED] those who sent it. This may [DATA EXPUNGED] though at this stage little can be done to guard against any future appearance. SCP-838 then became inert and was safely returned to the containment chamber.
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