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Item #: SCP-840

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-840-1 is contained within a steel cube, dimensions .5m x .5m x 5m; this cube is to be magnetically levitated at least .25m from any surface of its containment chamber at all times. The ██████████████████ sized containment chamber must be maintained in ultra-high vacuum state (10-6 Pa); this inhibits the transmission of SCP-840. External walls should be bathed in frequencies of equal amplitude to SCP-840, 180° out of phase, in periods of ██ seconds, to provide as much destructive interference to SCP-840 as possible without replicating it. Electronic monitoring protocols will adjust to adapt as closely as possible to the current waveform of SCP-840.

In the event of frequency or amplitude shifts of greater than ██% of standard, Containment Protocol ██████ (“White Noise”) will engage automatically. “White Noise” activation for a period greater than ████ is considered a containment breach.

Containment is breached if the storage cube contacts any surface of the containment chamber. Containment is breached if any monitoring device in Subarea ██-██ detects more than ██s of SCP-840. In the event of a containment breach, the Area ██ laser communications link will automatically self-destruct. On loss of signal from ██, Containment Protocol ██████ (“Clean Sweep”) will automatically execute.

Experimentally-fitted D-class personnel will be dispatched every ████ to determine if SCP-840 has returned to normal waveform. If SCP-840 maintains abnormal waveform for ██████ or [DATA EXPUNGED], execute [DATA EXPUNGED], alert all personnel in law enforcement [DATA EXPUNGED]

Experimental subjects must be fitted with a voice modulator capable of detonation on tampering or by remote before exposure to SCP-840. Non-experimental subjects exposed to SCP-840 must be neutralized by any means necessary on immediate suspicion of exposure. In the event of [DATA EXPUNGED]

Description: SCP-840-1 is a sandstone figure of approximately humanoid shape, 8.7cm in height. It is extremely weathered in appearance, possessing no distinguishable features. The left arm area is missing (see Addendum 840-A). The figure’s feet show significantly less wear and erosion, possibly suggesting a base or continuation of the figure having been removed relatively recently.

SCP-840-1 has no known qualities or characteristics not conforming to properties of sandstone, except for being the origin of SCP-840.

SCP-840is a vibrational frequency with memetic properties. On initial testing, SCP-840 caused all matter within ████ to resonate; this radius is now ████ (see Addendum 840-A). This resonance has no effect on any matter even in cases where the resonance should prove destructive. SCP propagates through vacuum, but the lack of matter reduces its effective radius by ████ per ████ of intervening vacuum. This mitigation decreases exponentially as pressure increases. SCP-840 varies in strength according to no determined pattern; prior to the implementation of the above containment procedures, it [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon recovery and institution of active procedures, its maximum [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-840 can be replicated by human throats as a spoken vocalization or sub-vocalization, but contains phonemes not present in any known language. Consequently, unexposed humans lacking physiological or mental impairments find it impossible to do so, and in those remaining the chances of a random occurrence precisely duplicating SCP-840 is vanishingly small. (However, [DATA EXPUNGED])

SCP-840’s memetic properties occur when it produces resonance in a human, specifically the skull. (Research initially indicated that infection resulted from SCP-840 affecting either the tympanum or auditory ossicles, but after surgically [DATA EXPUNGED]. Testing on a skull-less subject awaits generation of same.)

Extensive correlation and analysis of subject data (experimental and non-) indicates a twofold effect. First, SCP-840 negates all past and future instances of behavioral conditioning based on punishment; second, the subject loses all fear of aversive stimuli. A SCP-840 subject will do what it wishes, in the manner of its choosing. Subjects remain fully conscious of their actions, on occasion even acknowledging the magnitude of their acts, but invariably state they are “forgiven”.

Subjects do not lose intelligence, cognition, emotion, or non-conditioned morality. (See SCP-840-SL: Subject Log). The effect varies by intelligence; moderately-deficient D-class personnel engage in unrestrained activity within ███ of exposure, while highly-intelligent subjects [DATA EXPUNGED].

Subjects spread SCP-840 by speaking the words “You are forgiven”. When this phrase is spoken by a subject, the word “forgiven” also contains a subvocalization of SCP-840. This subvocalization does not possess the resonant properties of SCP-840 as emitted from SCP-840-1, but affects all listeners, including those observing remotely. This effect may be negated by fitting the listener with a voice modulator. Usage of this keyphrase is considered a positive identifier of SCP-840 infection and grounds for immediate neutralization. Infected SCP personnel, even those unaware of this security procedure, frequently refrain from using this keyphrase, as if aware that it will result in their neutralization.

Aside from this keyphrase, there is no means to determine a subject aside from behavioral observation. Subjects undergo no physiological change and may be readily terminated, but frequently utterly the keyphrase if not neutralized in a manner preventing them from doing so.

Addendum 840-A: SCP-840-1 Destruction: In an effort to neutralize SCP-840 by destroying its origin, SCP-840-1 was subjected to one depleted-uranium bullet fired from ████ away from its effect radius. Due to containment measures still in place, sniper fire eliminated only SCP-840-1’s left arm. SCP-840 immediately increased to ████████, necessitating [DATA EXPUNGED]. Working hypothesis at this time is that SCP-840-1 contains SCP-840 rather than emitting it.

SCP-840-SL: Subject Log
Subject(s): Agent ██████ ████████
Exposure: Inadvertent (First acquisition of SCP-840)
Behavior: Killed previous owner of SCP-840, family, pets. During repeated efforts at contact, Agent ████████ said only, “It’s necessary.” Subsequently dispatched two neighbors, then fired at all visible people in the neighborhood. SCP Containment Team ████ dispatched.

Subject(s): SCP Containment Team ████
Exposure: Inadvertent (Keyphrase uttered by Agent ████████)
Behavior: Detonated [DATA EXPUNGED]. ███ ████ survived, returned SCP-840 to Site ██, then murdered [DATA EXPUNGED]. Eliminated before civil trial.

Subject(s): Researcher ███ ██████
Exposure: Inadvertent (Exposed during initial object study)
Behavior: Essentially normal for ██ years, although routine psychological evaluations discovered the basis of infection almost immediately. Due to then-insufficient understanding of SCP-840’s memetic effects and otherwise-exemplary behavior from Researcher ██████, no action taken. On ██/██/████, ██████ ████████ SCP-███, then initiated a containment breach of SCPs-███ and -███ using protocols long-ago installed secretly in complete breach of regulations. [DATA EXPUNGED] After recovery and recontainment of SCP-840-1, termination on suspicion approved by O5-█

Note: I will fight any request to approve 840’s use for any use to the ends of the earth! Yes, it might make Procedure 110-Montauk easier on those involved; it might quell moral concerns over termination of civilians and innocents; but how far is it to the Foundation deciding that protecting means ruling, or God help us, 808 getting infected? —Dr. Ardoc

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