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Item #: SCP-843

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-843 should be kept with a computer in a secure, locked room on Site 17. The computer should be kept on a regulation desk, with a single ergonomic chair in front of it. SCP-843 should be kept disconnected from computer except when tests are being run.

Description: SCP-843 appears to be an ordinary HP Deskjet D4260 color inkjet printer. It has no unusual physical attributes externally. Upon activation, though, instead of the usual whirring noises of an activating printer, SCP-843 makes a different sound. This noise, though it differs from hearer to hearer, has consistently been described as profoundly disturbing to the hearer. Internally, the ink cartridges are unusually heavy (approximately 20 kg each) despite being of ordinary size.

SCP-843 behaves normally, except when printing a document. It produces pages with the requisite text printed in arterial blood. Extensive testing has confirmed that the DNA profile of the blood matches the DNA profile of the individual who issued the command to print to the computer. If the print job involves color, it will be printed in shades of red, using blood at different levels of oxygenation, with other bodily fluids.

The paper input of SCP-843 is never drawn from even when full, and the printer instead uses a paper-like material from an unknown source. It has been confirmed that this paper-like material is made from blood-producing red marrow, transmuted by some unknown process; chemical analysis has shown the presence of █████.

SCP-843 was first purchased by ███████████ from a Staples in ██████████. Mr. ████ is theorized to have [EXPUNGED] until finally dying of exsanguination. SCP-843 was sold in a fire sale to ████████ who used it to print his senior thesis, and similarly dying of blood loss. SCP-843 was recovered by Agent ████.

Addendum: Testing on multiple D-level personnel has confirmed that when both blood and marrow have run out from the victim, the computer displays a standard “Replace Cartridge” message. Touching SCP-843 during this time, however, will result in the print job being completed with the blood of the person who touched it.

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