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SCP-845 before removal from Dr. ███████'s Home.

Item #: SCP-845

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-845 and its imprinted target (hereafter referred to as SCP-845-03) are to be kept in a room with comfortable furnishings according to Foundation standards, with cameras monitoring SCP-845 at all times.

If SCP-845 does not appear at precisely [DATA EXPUNGED], for any reason all due efforts must be made to find the new imprinted target (Hereafter referred to as SCP-845-02) and secure SCP-845 with all due haste. Failure to do so may result in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-845 appears to be a normal, oaken door on bronzed hinges, no sound emerging from either door nor frame when opened, with no distinguishing marks separating it from other mass produced doors from the same period. Material tests have revealed it to be normal wood, but all attempts to remove any material within 15% of the center of SCP-835 have met with failure, as it dissipates until the normal period during the night on the imprinted target.

The Foundation acquired SCP-845 from Dr. ███████ after review of his monthly psychological evaluation revealed a strange phobia of his own bedroom door. Foundation agents were dispatched to the doctors home, and retrieved SCP-845 from its frame, with no problems or noticeable effects. Dr. ███████ was kept at site █ for observation.

At precisely [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-845 appeared on the wall or Dr. ███████'s room, upsetting him in his sleep, and causing several anomalous sounds in the room, with no detectable vibrations accompanying as well as severe [DATA EXPUNGED]. After six minutes, Dr. ███████ awoke, and stared directly at the door, and started to speak about an apparent abyss beyond the door. No noticeable change occurred during this time, until 6 am, when the effect stopped, and Dr. ████████ requested to leave the room.

Complete transcript of all noises and words from SCP-845 directed to its imprinted targets is available at: [DATA EXPUNGED]

When Dr. ████████ was moved to a different location the same effect occurred each night until [DATA EXPUNGED] at which time it was determined that SCP-845 had "imprinted" on D-238, who was moved to isolation for study. Subject reports extreme unease sleeping around SCP-845. Subject claims to hear noises akin to whistling, and moans, as well as creaking sounds that only occasionally show up on surveillance equipment. The noises coming out of SCP-845 seem to be specific to each person's fears, such as Dr. ████████'s fear of his life ending prematurely, and D-238's fear of spiritual entities.

SCP-835 has been observed to have a small entity appear in the frame of the door when left open at night, referred to as SCP-845-01-1. Entity appears to be a small child, dressed in all white from a period around the turn of the 20th century, with [DATA EXPUNGED] instead of normal eyes, and causing all auditory monitoring equipment to malfunction during its appearance. Entity does not appear to be hostile at this point, but causes the imprinted target to be transfixed for the duration. Subjects have described this effect as "Pure terror."


I'm just glad it finally stopped telling me that my life was ending. I started to almost believe it. -Taken from the interview with Dr. ████████

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