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Item #: SCP-846

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-846 requires no special containment outside of standard positive action security (Explosive, chemical, memetic). It is to be contained at site 22 secure storage under constant surveillance until further notice.

Should containment be breached, and anyone place the mask upon their face, they are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-846 is a wooden mask with two holes for eyes, and an opening over the mouth and nose to facilitate communication and breathing. It has several missing sections, and has been carbon dated to be at least 3700 years old, though it shows very few signs of wear beyond the obvious damage. When worn the mask disappears, 'melding' into the subject's face. This does not cause any trauma, or discomfort to the subject, and there is no way to recover SCP-846 until the death of the subject.

After this process, the subject, hereafter referred to as SCP-846-1, has their personality altered, and their mannerisms as well, generally towards a more charismatic, socially accepted personality type. Previous personality traits that are generally accepted as undesirable become less noticeable, and they become more widely receptive by their peers, and strangers, no matter their previous inclinations.

After this point, SCP-846-1 will try to start a following among their peers, and colleagues, in an innocuous manner at first. After several weeks, or months, however, SCP-846 will turn this following into a more militant, and violent group. This usually is facilitated with either a military goal, or some form of prejudice against a group of people, which are targeted, and used to garner sympathy. From this point on, SCP-846-1 will set themselves up as 'superior' or some form of figurehead, and continue on gathering members. After about a year or so, the group will turn completely militaristic, at the behest of SCP-846-1.

SCP-846-1 was found in ██████, Ukraine, after police, and military forces were forced into a firefight with a large number of men and women from the city, who attempted to take over the local government. After the successful elimination of their leader, the foundation was contacted after SCP-846 appeared on his face. It was collected by a sleeper agent in the Ukrainian military, and given to the Foundation for study.

The mask was not presumed to have any special abilities outside of this effect, during D class experimentation. D-231 was exposed to SCP-846, and was placed under surveillance for several months while it was attached to him. After a week, D-231 had organized his cell block to be much more cleanly, and obedient, and was removed from direct observation. Three weeks later, the D-class at site 22 revolted, and nearly took over the facility, with D-231 declaring himself the "Emperor of the Children of D." They were terminated by MTF-Epsilon24 ("Peacekeepers"), and SCP-846 was brought back into containment, under much stricter test conditions, and containment. See attached interview with D-231.

Interview with D-231:

Dr. ██████: "Please state your name for the record."

D-231: "I am the Emperor of the Children of D."

D-231 is at this point shoved from behind by a security member, with his baton.

Dr. ██████: "You were assigned the name D-231 when you arrived at site 22."

D-231: "I have become much more than that you see, I have become the people's symbol of—"

D-231 is once again shoved by the security member

Dr. ██████: "Yes, we've heard what you said to the other D class personnel. Care to explain your sudden change of behavior?"

D-231: "I was enlightened by what you refer to as SCP-846. It showed me how the foundation dogs were destroying the world and how they must be-"

The security member shoves D-231's head onto the table, causing a slight dent, and disorienting D-231

Dr. ██████: "Look, kid, either tell me exactly what that mask did to you, or I put a bullet in your skull."

D-231 smiles at Dr. ██████

D-231: "If you kill me, I'll join my children in heaven and I'll-"

At this point, Dr. ██████ drew a revolver, and shot D-231 in the head. SCP-846 appeared on the table, 'falling off of' D-231's head.

End of interview

A disciplinary hearing to assess Dr. ██████'s conduct has been scheduled. Shooting interview subjects without approval is not acceptable policy -O5-8

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