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Artist’s impression of SCP-851

Item #: SCP-851

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-851 is to be kept at least 50 metres away from all electronic equipment. This includes flashlights, cameras, and especially personal music players. As a result SCP-851’s containment area is currently heated and lit by gas burners and traditional video surveillance is impossible. Any researchers must be accompanied by another member of staff. No one is to be left alone in the same room as SCP-851 under any circumstances and for any length of time.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to photograph, sketch, or even describe SCP-851 within its containment area. If personnel do so outside of the “hot zone” they must not under any circumstances be allowed to return to the containment area. Anyone who contributes to this database entry must not enter SCP-851’s containment area.

Description: SCP-851 appears to be a stuffed blue toy octopus, approximately 20 cm by 15 cm. According to Agent ███████, an expert in such plush novelties, SCP-851 exactly matches the appearance of a mint-condition Cheerful Cute Pal, a 19██ Collector’s Edition “Octy” (Super Sealife Set)- a prototype that never went beyond the planning stage and was assumed destroyed when the CCP Inc. factory burned down in 19██. SCP-851 is warm to the touch and weighs 7 kg, aspects that are apparently unusual for a Cheerful Cute Pal.

SCP-851 was discovered in a lost-and-found cupboard in ███. All Foundation personnel have denied any knowledge of how it came to be there.

SCP-851 is currently positioned atop a 1 metre display podium, a cheap plastic arrangement advertised as a “special” stand for CCPs. When placed upon anything else, SCP-851 will burn through it overnight- but only when not under observation. SCP-851 once had to be extricated after burrowing into the foundation of the facility.

When a subject comes within three metres of SCP-851, SCP-851 will emit a flare of purple light after a time period of at least two minutes. Said flare causes any observers to suffer a migraine-level headache for five minutes but also bestows unique additional properties to the individuals within three metres of the podium. These properties are somehow related to the tasks being carried out by the individual at the time of the flare. SCP-851 does not appear to have any effect on non-human life forms.

DANGER: Do not attempt to recreate the circumstances of a prior experiment, as detailed in [DATA EXPUNGED]

Log 851-1:
Researcher: Agent ████
Procedure: Agent ████ was studying SCP-851, taking notes on a clipboard.
Details: SCP-851 emitted a flare. The Agent’s devices- a cell phone and iPod- immediately malfunctioned catastrophically and disproportionately to their battery capacity. The cell phone detonated, causing second-degree burns to the Agent’s leg, and the iPod began blaring music at a pain-inducing volume. The iPod could not be turned off and resisted repeated hammer blows.

Addendum 851-1.1: In an unauthorised act by Agent ████, the iPod was later destroyed by feeding it to SCP-524.

Log 851-2:
Researcher: Agent ██████
Procedure: A small sample of material was sliced off of the back of SCP-851 with a craft knife.
Details: SCP-851 emits a flare, merging the implement’s casing with the palm of the Agent’s hand. The blade has proven to be inexplicably sharp, but when it is used to slice material the Agent complains of a bizarre sensation. An attempt to surgically remove the knife was called off after Agent ██████ woke up screaming during the procedure despite being under heavy anasthetic.

Log 851-3:

Log 851-4:
Subject: D-309, female Caucasian, 37 years old, 60 kg, 167 cm.
Procedure: Subject began to cycle on an exercise bike within SCP-851’s established area of effect.
Details: After two minutes SCP-851 emitted a flare. When taken to the gym, subject demonstrated limitless stamina when using the exercise bikes at their maximum resistance setting, but there was no observable difference when using other machinery or attempting other tasks.

Addendum 851-3.1: Subject cycled solidly for 66 hours, and merely “felt a little tired” afterwards. It has been suggested that the subject’s ilk would make excellent guards in the right situation, or that the bike(s) could be wired to dynamos for a limitless source of energy. Experiment to be repeated.

Addendum 851-3.2: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 851-3.3: DANGER: Do not attempt to recreate the circumstances of a prior experiment.

Log 851-5:
Subject 1: D-334, male Caucasian, 28 years old, 70 kg, 169 cm tall.
Subject 2: D-231, male Hispanic, 31 years old, 62 kg, 171 cm tall. Neither subject has any noteworthy CQC training.
Procedure: Subjects 1 and 2 began grappling in close proximity to SCP-851.
Details: The grapple continued for four minutes with no response from SCP-851. A flare was eventually observed when Subject 2 tried to disengage from Subject 1 by means of kicking him in the shin. When taken to the gym and told to spar each other again, both subjects displayed a level of combat potency well in excess of any baseline human activity, exchanging and blocking blows of such speed and force that their motions could not be followed by non-specialised camera equipment.

Addendum 851-4.1: Neither subject gained any observable universal advantage in unarmed combat. When asked to fight Agent ███████ - female Caucasian, 33 years old, 59 kg, 140 cm tall (5th dan judoka) – subjects were resoundingly defeated, even during a follow-up bout where they both attempted to attack her at the same time.

Log 851-6:
Perpetrators: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Action: [REDACTED]
Result: Both parties severely disciplined. SCP-851’s flare reported to have “cured anorgasmia”. Side effects unknown. Follow-up testing needed.

Log 851-7:
Perpetrator: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Action: Perpetrator stepped inside SCP-851’s area of effect and then proceeded to shoot himself in the leg with a Beretta 9mm pistol.
Result: Perpetrator has become a living gravitational anomaly. Any projectiles- coins, bullets, darts- that pass within 4 metres of their person will change their course in order to strike him in the leg. Perpetrator has been relegated to class-D clearance. Staff have affectionately dubbed him “Bullet Magnet”.

Incident Addendum 851-I2.1: Perpetrator’s attempts to shield or cover their limb appear to have no effect on the redirected projectiles- they will strike the leg, even if it involves a paper plane piercing Kevlar, or a nickel punching through two inches of titanium.

Log 851-8:
Subject: One corpse, belonging to Agent ██████, who had bequeathed himself to Foundation scientific research in the event of his death.
Procedure: The body of Agent ██████ was placed at the foot of SCP-851’s podium and then observed from a distance.
Details: After eleven minutes a flare was sighted. No change observed in Agent ██████. No differences observed after second autopsy.

Addendum 851-8.1: The body of Agent ██████ was re-examined the following morning and was found to be completely healed: all organs intact, no incisions in the skin and no signs of decay. For all intents and purposes, Agent ██████ appears to have been dead for a matter of minutes.

Addendum 851-8.2: A third autopsy produced the same results, even after every organ was removed and put into storage. It has been suggested that Agent ██████’s body be utilised as a regenerating blood/organ donor bank.

Log 851-9:
Perpetrator: D-328
Action: Perpetrator stole a flamethrower from the armory and directed a spray of burning fuel towards SCP-851.
Result: Perpetrator is now constantly alight and constantly screaming. Efforts to extinguish the flames and/or kill the perpetrator have so far proved unsuccessful. SCP-851 itself recovered from the fire damage the moment that the personnel present took their eyes off of it.

Addendum 851-I3.1: D-328 still appears capable of performing their duties and can handle even highly flammable materials without igniting them. While their ability to communicate vocally is now limited to incoherent screaming, D-328 has indicated (by typing on a keyboard) that they’ve actually acclimatised to the flames and that they merely feel “a bit on the warm side”. D-328’s apparent invulnerability to harm requires further study but has limitless potential if verified.

Addendum 851-I3.2: Invulnerability was not total. Testing proved that D-328 was immune to all forms of harm except for fire.

Sector Broadcast from Dr. ██████ on ██/██/██ ██:██ -

Attention personnel. Despite appearances SCP-851 is not a toy. It’s a textbook example of a type VI transmogrifier that, if anything, is even more unpredictable than usual. If it was a glowing skull or a mass of throbbing intestines you [REDACTED] amateurs would have cottoned on by now, but no, just because it’s a cute liddle octopus you think that standard Euclid handling procedures don’t apply. To reiterate what should be obvious, unauthorised access and “experimentation” will be punished severely.

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