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Occasionally SCP-853 will regrow as a different color other than light green.

Item #: SCP-853

Object Class: Safe (Under consideration for Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-853 is to be kept in Sector-28's first floor washroom for use by all personnel. In light of incident 034A9 (refer to appropriate document), SCP-853 is to be used by Class 3 personnel only and should be kept in a lockbox outside of the washroom. Keys will be issued to all Class 3 personnel. Should anyone lower than Class 3 be caught using SCP-853, they shall be assigned maintenance duty for exactly one month. If SCP-853 goes missing, Agent ██████ shall be sent to retrieve the object. Due to Agent ██████'s anosmia he is supposedly immune to the effects of SCP-853.

Description: SCP-853 is a bar of soap that is approximately 2.5 cm x 7.3 cm x 10.3 cm. It was among the personal effects of a man who overdosed on lysergic acid diethylamide. Agent ██████████, who was nearby, realized that the soap emitted a smell exactly like "his mother's perfume", so he took it for personal use. After the death of Agent ██████ in the [DATA EXPUNGED], the soap was given to Dr. █████, who claimed it smelled of the ocean. Upon further investigation, it was found that the soap smelled of a pleasant memory from the person's past. Users report feeling "nostalgic". Morale has risen since being placed in the washroom.

NOTE: Occasionally SCP-853 will "regrow" as a color other than light green. This does not appear to affect SCP-853's ability.

Addendum: Test 001:

SCP-853 was used by Agent ████████ and he reported smelling an Italian wine. Further questioning revealed that the wine he smelled was the wine he drank on his wedding day.

Test 002:

Testing on the bar itself revealed that the soap was made of vegetable fat and a mild base. Dr. █████ concludes that the soap gets its ability from another source

Test 003:

An attempt to cut into the soap has proved unsuccessful. It has been concluded that the soap can only be worn down and not cut or chopped. Furthermore, no substance appears to be able to dissolve the soap, except for when it is used to wash or clean something.

Test 004

Class D subject was placed in room with SCP-853 and told to wash as hard and as long as he could.

1800 hours: Subject begins scrubbing.

1830 hours: Subject reports that "Whenever I get close to the [expletive deleted] thing it just keeps coming back.

1954 hours: Subject reports seeing a small orange object in the core of the soap but SCP-853 regenerated too quickly for the subject to make a decent observation. Video footage shows a smooth orange stone in the center of SCP-853.

Addendum: Incident 034A9:

Dr. ████████ was found in a catatonic state lying in the washroom clutching the bar of soap in his hand. Dr. ████████ did not exit this state for two weeks and, upon waking, asked that the soap be removed from the washroom and classified as Euclid. Dr. ████████ describes that he smelled [DATA EXPUNGED] and was in a hallucinogenic world of one of his fondest memories. The memories, however, were "twisted and violent to the point of being horrifying." Further testing shall be done on SCP-853 and shall be considered for Euclid classification

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