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Item #: SCP-854

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-854 is stored in a spherical room of 9 meters' diameter at all times. Access to SCP-854 is denied for all but special circumstances, and any potential breach of containment is to be immediately reported, followed by the termination of breachers.

Description: SCP-854 is as of yet undescribed, due to the unreliability of any of its constructs. Several scans of the area of SCP-854 have shown it to be near-undetectable by standard technology, however, a primary test of one male African-American subject (██ personnel with █████████) with a higher then average ESP value (>███ on the █████ scale) report a feeling of fear and panic when in an 8 metre radius around the object, yet was incapable of stopping himself from approaching it. These feelings reportedly increase inversely proportional to the remaining distance to the object, reaching a value formally notated as 'absolute terror' in an inner 1 metre circle. Once exposed to this inner circle, the subject disappeared and re-appeared shortly thereafter outside of the outer circle, with no apparent ill effect. Full-body ███ and █-ray checks, EEG, EKG, toxicological trials, psychiatric examination, genetic screening, exposure to █████ ███ ████████ and twenty-four hour isolation revealed no changes in the subject. However, a random trial with SCP-158 yielded no discernible product, with the subject remaining ███████ and ███████████. Subject was immediately terminated and found to decompose at a highly accelerated rate. At the time of Subjects' death, automated scanners recorded an n-██████████ disturbance occurring in 854's area, followed by the appearance of what has been described by security personnel as [DATA EXPUNGED]. This organism seemed unable to exist within our dimension, and perished soon after; an autopsy revealed highly unstable DNA and organs that appeared to be in mid-transformation; the organism appears to be capable of rapid mutation.

Addendum 854-a: A particularly evocative explanation of the effect of SCP-854 holds that people exposed to 854 become the so-called "Philosophical Zombie", a conceptual entity which is a perfect simulacrum of a standard human being, differing only in the complete lack of mental life or sentience. Testing with cloned D-class personnel revealed no malignant intentions or █████ awareness of the procedure.

Addendum 854-b: Further testing required to discern potential exposure before classification, potential danger from those effected by the SCP, and advanced containment techniques to deal with the appearance of further nonstandard bioforms in the event the termination of any "P's" affected by SCP-854 becomes necessary.

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