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SCP-855. Note the severe distortion of the image and the [DATA EXPUNGED], characteristics common to all photos of SCP-855.

Item #: SCP-855

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-855 is located within one of the rooms of the former [DATA EXPUNGED] building near [DATA EXPUNGED]. A detailed floorplan is available as document #855-1. There is no known way to move SCP-855, and the object must be contained on-site.

The building that houses SCP-855 must be guarded by no less than nine (9) security personnel: at least four (4) guarding the main entrance door; at least four (4) guarding the entrance to the SCP-855 room; additionally, the SCP-855 room is kept at video surveillance at all times by at least one (1) guard inside a remote room. All unusual activity on part of SCP-855 is to be reported immediately.

Prolonged stay inside the SCP-855 room is heavily discouraged, as it may cause severe psychological damage. Under no circumstances is SCP-855 to be approached or touched in any way.
Update ██/██/████: SCP-855 has breached containment. See Addendum for details.

Description: SCP-855 is a [DATA EXPUNGED]. The object is hovering at approximately 0.5m above the floor. SCP-855 is completely motionless, apart from its "jaw", which is constantly twitching up and down. Regardless of what spot is it viewed from, SCP-855 always appears to the observer as if it was directly facing them, even when observed from multiple spots at once.

All personnel who touched SCP-855 have [DATA EXPUNGED]. Analysis of the resulting "by-product" has revealed substantial amounts of ectoplasm, similar to that found within SCP-460.

Photos of SCP-855 are characterized by severe distortion. Additionally, some personnel have reported that the photos of SCP-855 are [DATA EXPUNGED]. Research of this phenomenon is pending.

Addendum: On ██/██/████, SCP-855, without any warning, has breached containment.

2253: SCP-855 suddenly moves from its resting place, proceeds to move in the █████-████ern direction with the speed of about ███ km/h, effortlessly gliding through all physical obstacles in its path. All personnel that comes in contact with SCP-855 (8 security personnel) [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-855 leaves the building and escapes into the wilderness.

2254: Mobile Task Force [DATA EXPUNGED], stationing nearby, sent after SCP-855, equipped with an experimental █████-██████ device.

2310: Usage of █████-██████ to contain SCP-855 attempted. Attempt failed.

2328: [DATA EXPUNGED] Attempt failed. 2 squad members down.

2345: [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-855 now nearing a civilian settlement.


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