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The Journal

Item #: SCP-856

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be written in items that have "Interesting" or better ratings in the margins at least once every twenty four hours. Things that are written in must be true, what SCP-856 considers interesting, and written by the person that experienced it. Item is currently in the possession of Agent J████ █████ who has a good record of creating entries that SCP-856 likes. All personal assigned to SCP-856 need to carry at least one pencil or pen on their person at all times.

Description: SCP-856 is a hardbound leather journal measuring 22.86cmx30.48cmx5.08cm (9inx12inx2in). When opened SCP-856 appears to be full of blank pages unless the person has written in SCP-856 previously, in which case their entries appear. All entries appear to be written in the handwriting of the person who was writing at the time. The same handwriting also seems to add notes in the margin. This handwriting changes with the handwriting of the author. These notes rate the content on how interesting it is, thoughts about the events, and as the relationship with the current author improves it will make more bold comments about the events in question. Agent J████ █████ has reported that SCP-856 will occasionally make direct statements to him about events in the margins. However, when the Journal is opened by people other then Agent J████ █████ these comments do not appear. Agent J████ █████ also reports that he has written a few dialogues with SCP-856 who's additions appear in Agent J████ █████'s own hand writing. However, SCP-856 seem most interested in Agent J████ █████ and does not answer many questions about it's self. SCP-856 is indestructible. When it appears to be destroyed it reappears somewhere where someone will add journal entries.

When a date anytime after mid-September 3761 BC is thought about, the book is filled with entries coming from that time with the page being looked at as the date thought of. The journal uses the Hebrew calender that starts there. The entries are in whatever language it was written in. Despite this the person(s) who are holding the book can understand it even those that are illiterate.

SCP-856 will occasionally change hands, and though time what has interested it has varied greatly. It has been written in by kings and peasants. However, it seems drawn to important events and many of the great turning points in history are written about in it. Those who have written SCP-856 are often drawn to important events in history. SCP-856 has been known to disappear from it's current author to get an interesting perceptive on an event.

As the amount of time that SCP-856 is not written in increases, there is a compulsion of all nearby to go and write something about their lives down. After 72 hours, everyone in Site ██ was under a very strong compulsion to write about their lives. After 240 hours, SCP-856 disappeared and reappeared in the possession of Agent J████ █████. Entries from the time during which it had not been written in had been added. Attempts to track down the author lead to a nine year old girl who was slightly distraught about her prized journal disappearing. She was given a replica of SCP-856 with her entries in it.

SCP-856 also appears to have a limited editing capability. Any attempt to mark out information disappears after SCP-856 is closed. Also, SCP-856 seems to do a little bit of editing on entries to make them make more sense and editing out information that is not relevant to anything. This includes questions that are written to SCP-856.

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