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An SCP-858-infested hallway.

Item #: SCP-858

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Origin point of object is to be stored in a 50cm x 50cm x 50cm misted glass box surrounded by bright fog lights, to illuminate the local area at all times. The box must never leave its Containment Unit within Sector-██ except for rare occasions where it must be moved (transportation must be carried out by Level 4 Personnel). Entry into its cell must never be undertaken without Level 4 Clearance, and only in cases where fog lights must be replaced or repaired.

In the event of an outbreak, all affected areas of Sector-██ will enter lockdown and all power cut off, except in cases where the power is necessary to contain other SCPs.

Quarantined areas will remain on lockdown for a minimum of 168 hours, followed by the entry of a search-and-destroy team of 5 pre-approved personnel. All traces of the infestation should be either destroyed or returned to the Origin point.

Description: Object was located in 19██ in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Origin point of object appears as a single point of space surrounded by a grey mist while contained. This point has no mass and is unable to be recorded via any apparatus used thus far. It is entirely soundless. The origin point has some physical properties. It is entirely mobile but unaffected by gravity and, as far as can be told, indestructible.

If allowed to grow unkempt, the mist will diffuse to fill all available space much like any gas. Within roughly ten minutes the gas will have expanded to fill a 10 meter cubed area, and will have become a much more defined, completely pitch black colour. Lights will continue to function, but their light will only travel to a minute amount of its previous function, the average lightbulb becoming completely invisible within one meter.

The growth of the darkness will continue to accelerate, possibly filling an entire sector within only 4 hours. The darkness itself is 100% harmless to personnel, but any area that has reached total darkness will become infested with SCP-858-01. These have been dubbed "Darkflies" by personnel. They are a form of living organism that is completely dependant on SCP-858. They will devour light and destroy light sources, in the combined effort of feeding themselves and promoting the growth of SCP-858. SCP-858-01 are not usually lethal, but they are known to damage electronics and they can bite and sting.

SCP-858-01 has never been observed outside of complete darkness, so nothing is known about their appearance, but from the reports of personnel they are roughly twice the size of a fruit fly. Their stings are not dangerous if exposed to a strong ultraviolet light within approximately 15 minutes. If left untreated the stings will spread from the point of infection, hindering the victim's mobility and eventually causing complete paralysis. The victim will enter a state of living decomposition until brain death. SCP-858-01 infestations are to be treated with extreme caution. If there is no ready access to a UV light, including the sun, bite victims should be terminated immediately.

Addendum 858-a
First recorded case of an outbreak, facilities in Sector-██ were entirely unprepared. █ floors of the sector reached pitch dark and became infested. Estimated death toll: ██

Addendum 858-b

Addendum 858-c
A contained outbreak, fairly successful. Agent ██████ had the first recorded case of a non-lethal bite. Agent ██████ escaped to the outdoors where the infected areas quickly returned to health under the light of the sun.

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