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Security Footage of SCP-860 as of ██/██/20██

Item #: SCP-860

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-860 is contained in Dimensional Area-17, formerly known as the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Due to the nature of the field, there is no way to move it to a more secure location. All personnel working at Area-17 must be specially trained D-Class personnel due to the massive amounts of radiation in the area, using the guise that they are maintaining the “Sarcophagus” to prevent a second release of radiation. Personnel are to immediately contact Jericho-25 in the event that the field breaks containment.

Description: SCP-860 is a slowly growing, spherical shaped field effect, the exact mechanics of which are unknown at this time. The field appears as though the affected area is submerged in water and distorted with a slight purple hue. SCP-860 originated inside of Reactor #4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near Pripyat, Ukraine, as the result of an attempt to contain the fatal meltdown that had failed. Records from Jericho-25 indicate that one ██████████████████ who had been working at the plant had attempted to use, what is know known as, Protocol-2270 to halt the explosion, but had expired during the process and as a result, formed the field. On March 17, 1994 a surge of power, believed to be an attempt to revert the damage to the reactor, sparked a rapid growth of the field. Fortunately SCP-860 remained contained inside the “Sarcophagus” surrounding the reactor. The field currently sits half inside of the core and half outside, and has consumed the reactor cap that was blown off during the explosion. Multiple personnel have reported hearing voices in the corridors, or even seeing men in labcoats walking around, but have not been able to contact them in any way. Agent ███████ suggests that this might be a result of the field releasing small pulses of energy that show a glimpse of the reactor's past, although this theory has not been confirmed, as no security cameras have been able to pick up abnormalities.

As of January 1, 2009, the external area of the field measures 9.27 meters in diameter. All attempts to explore the phenomenon have ended with loss of contact or a [DATA EXPUNGED] scenario. As a result, all observations must be made from at least 5 meters away from the edge of the field. The only item to have returned from the field in it's original state is a clipboard belonging to Dr. ████████ that was dropped into the field accidentally on October 4, 1997 and reappeared on a catwalk on or around August 2, 2004, covered in a thick black dust that had a reading of 4000R (Röntgens) that rapidly decayed to a normal radiation level, despite remaining in the reactor. This has similarities to the dust on SCP-███, but has not been confirmed as a match. Several more items have been dropped in an attempt to discover a pattern of what the field will "reject" or consume, however there have been no results so far. All personnel are advised to keep watch for the items posted on Document 157 in the Level 6 Dormitory hallway.

Addendum: Area-17 has been authorized to contain several Keter-class SCPs, including SCP-███, SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-███. They must be contained on Level ██ or ██ for maximum security purposes. In the event that SCP-860 breaks containment, Task Force Sigma-22-Delta is authorized to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum-2: Personnel with a Security Clearance of A17-3 or above are permitted - and encouraged - to read Experiment Log-860-A17-11.

Note from Agent ███████: This note is to all of the personnel who have spotted men in labcoats or heard voices in the corridors, whether they are alone or with others. We understand that this might not be the morale boost you're looking for; but it's best just to ignore them. If there are any greatly disturbing scenes that you encounter, or the voices and visions persist, please report them to myself or Dr. ████████. Otherwise, it is recommended to simply ignore the figures and voices, and continue on with your work. That is all.

Note from Dr. ████████: This is to clear up the constantly asked question I get from new personnel. The pictures and footage of the inside of the reactor that you've been seeing all over the internet and magazines were taken inside a sound stage in ████████, █████████. Seriously, we've got something that's got the potential to cause some pretty heavy damage sitting in here, do you honestly think we're going to let a bunch of nature-lovers walk in and take a look at it? We've got more important things to deal with, like finding a way to get rid of it.

April 26 2009 Incident:

Begin Log.
00:50 - Dr. ████ reports strange readings from SCP-860. Rapid increases and decreases in activity, no visual changes reported.
00:59 - D-28829477 reports stumbling into a man in a white labcoat during a routine maintenance check of the lower levels who proceeded to start yelling in Russian at him.
01:18 - Agent ███████ accompanies D-22829477 to Level █ to find the man with two more. They demand to know what Agent ███████ and D-22829477 are doing and how they got into the complex. Agent ███████ attempts to detain one of the men, however [DATA EXPUNGED].
01:25 - Dr ████ reports SCP-860's readings spiking to triple the normal levels.
01:28 - Jericho-25 contacted.
01:30 - Area-17 begins evacuation.
01:50 - Jericho-25A and Task Force Sigma-22-Delta arrive, O5-█ turns authority to Jericho-25A.
02:00 to 04:00 - [DATA EXPUNGED].
04:20 - First casualties reported, Task Force Sigma-22-Alpha and Bravo are contacted.
04:45 - Task Force Sigma-22-Alpha and Bravo arrive, Level 2 Catastrophic ████ Scenario protocols engaged, all personnel moved 5km from Area-17.
05:13 - Task Force Sigma-22-Delta reports [DATA EXPUNGED], Jericho-25A orders to prep for a tactical bombing of Area-17.
05:20 to 06:00 - [DATA EXPUNGED].
06:15 - Jericho-25A revert authority to O5-█, situation reported as contained and tactical bombing called off. Minimal damage to equipment and Area-17. Casualties reported at ██.
07:00 - All personnel returned to Area-17, O5-█ and Agent ███████ to file official report and submit to Jericho-25.
End Log.

Note from Dr. ████████ #2: As much as I love Area-17 as it is now, yesterday's accident was a severe containment breach that could've ended extremely badly, either by consuming a large portion of the area around it, or simply breaching containment in such a way that it is obvious that Area-17 isn't just an old, broken nuclear reactor, thus causing a whole lot of paperwork for everyone. I'm pushing forward the proposal for a reinforced containment chamber that will be approximately twice the size of the current Sarcophagus in an attempt to cover A17-Building 1 in the event of another containment breach that might break through the Sarcophagus. We don't need a Level 3 ███ Scenario on our hands, three Level 2 scenarios are bad enough.

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