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Item #: SCP-861

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-861 is to be treated as any mobile Euclid/Keter-class object, with additional precautions taken against radiological and biological hazards. It is to be contained in a concrete-lined chamber measuring no less than five meters in any dimension, with the Class Omega containment protocol provided by the late Rabbi ██████ implemented. Glyphic/semiotic component of the protocol is to be examined hourly for scuffing, distortion, or disruption. Should such be found, a six-agent team is to be assigned for repairs: one agent is to restore the protocol according to Rabbi ██████’s plans, with a second holding a duplicate copy of said plans in reserve. The remaining four agents are to be dispatched around the protocol’s perimeter armed with Class Eleven munitions such as those recovered from the Krichynov Facility. Should object SCP-861 show any sign of activity, it is to be attacked with extreme prejudice; the agent repairing the protocol is to be terminated, and the reserve member of the team is to resume the restoration process once SCP-861 is subdued.

No person with knowledge of the Hebrew language is to be permitted within forty meters of SCP-861.

Site 57 remains biologically inactive, but has otherwise shown no signs of disturbance or contamination. Nonetheless, it is the location of the class 2 impact event that SCP-861 was recovered from, and as such bears special monitoring.

Description: Recovered from site 57 following an Impact event in September of 19██, SCP-861 appears to be a mass of pseudo-organic matter of great plasticity in form and proportion, approximately three meters in diameter in its usual resting state. Though nearly infinitely malleable, when mobile it has been observed to produce no fewer than six protrusions, and to possess no fewer than six orifices of indeterminate function and seven organs tentatively identified as eyes. The protrusions vary widely in form; feathered wings have been observed, as have shark-like fins, structures resembling the roots of trees, and even super-heated pseudo-metallic blades during its initial confinement and transport under the direction of Rabbi ██████. During periods of activity, it has demonstrated behavior consistent with extra-dimensional origin.

All individuals who approach SCP-861 within a range of twenty meters or so are subject to a vivid auditory hallucination in which a 'melodious' voice seeming to originate within their own skulls chants a series of phrases in a language identified as Biblical Hebrew. It has been determined that this phenomenon consists of a single corpus, forty-three minutes in duration and repeated immediately upon conclusion.

For individuals with no knowledge of Hebrew, this is initially alarming but poses no more risk to mental health than any other repeated, low-level background noise. Hebrew-speaking individuals are driven to a violent insanity accompanied by glossolalia and class 13 kinetic and biological anomalies. Immediate termination is recommended for those manifesting signs of instability.

Additional Notes: Through the use of phonetic transcriptions provided by non-Hebrew-speaking individuals exposed to the influence of SCP-861, an effort at translation has been made. Despite the high turnover rate of the teams of linguists assigned to the project, over ninety percent of SCP-861's repeated message has been translated. While the bulk of the text describes a XK class end-of-the-world event (see, particularly, XK-423 through XK-436), phrases at the beginning and the end remain undeciphered save for references to YHVH (XK-400a) and Leviathan (see XK-429). Those with Level 3 security clearance should see Document #861-1.9 for the currently translated portions of the text.

Addendum: SCP-861 has been given preliminary designation of XK-440x, pending a possible classification with the Nephilim (see XK-423) or any of the entities associated with the Seven Seals (see XK-440c through XK-440v).

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