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SCP-865. Photo taken by agent ███, during initial recovery.

Item #: SCP-865

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-865 is stored in a secure locker in the site 18 vaults. Experimentation on SCP-865 requires approval from at least one level 2 personnel. SCP-865 must have a level 2 tracking tag adhered to it at all times, removal of which will result in deployment of security personnel. In the event that SCP-865 becomes active, it is imperative that staff does not come within 2.73m of the object. Deactivation of the water source powering SCP-865 is the recommended method of recovery.

Description: SCP-865 is a shower head of unspecified make and design that has the property of attracting all water within 2.73m when active. It is constructed of white plastic and stainless steel. Analysis of materials used in SCP-865 has shown [DATA EXPUNGED]. The nozzle end of the shower head is circular, with a radius of 5.35cm. It is designed for attachment to a water pipe via industry standard screw on design, made for ██cm diameter piping. ██cm diameter piping has not seen common usage in bathroom utilities since the year 197█, but the shower head displays a plastic type not introduced until the year 2005, and not used in any known commercial bathroom utilities. When the object was recovered, a specialized connector had been used, appearing to be of homemade design. . Deconstruction and reconstruction of SCP-865 has been performed successfully, with no change in function observed. Replacement of parts has in all cases led to elimination of SCP behavior.
When activated, SCP-865 pulls all water in range toward and into itself. The force of suction is dependent upon the shower's rate of water distribution. SCP-865 is activated by water flow, ostensibly that which occurs upon an attempt to turn on the shower to which it is attached. The rate of water flowing through SCP-865's back pipe determines the force of suction, but is by no means in a direct proportion. Initial studies suggest that only pure water is affected, and is separated from other materials prior to entering SCP-865. It is at present unknown what happens to water drawn into the device.
Following Incident SCP-865-1, all information regarding pipe size has been restricted.

Additional Information:
SCP-865 was recovered from the ██████████ college campus in ███████, Massachusetts, USA. It was brought to the foundation's attention during a routine media sweep, when multiple unusual e-mail subjects were reported. It was contained by Agent ███, stationed nearby. Two fatalities had occurred, one student and one campus security guard. The student had activated the shower at maximum strength, killing themselves by rapid dehydration. Attention was drawn to the fact that a shower had remained active for an unusual amount of time thanks to monitored water usage, as sounds normally associated with an active shower did not occur. Given that SCP-865 was located in a moderately public dormitory shower, many people became aware of its presence. Class A amnesiac was applied to all with direct knowledge of the incident, and media sources were successfully given suicide cover stories. All known web data was deleted.

Test Log SCP-865-1:

Date: 7/16/09
Subject: One large dishwashing sponge
Procedure: Object placed in center of shower floor. Water input rate of 0.252 liters/second used.
Details: Dried in approximately 3.5 seconds

Date: 7/16/09
Subject: Basket of wet clothes
Procedure: Object placed in center of shower floor. Water input rate of 0.252 liters/second used.
Details: All water drawn from clothes in approximately 7 seconds. All cotton clothing displayed unusual fragility and decay, easily ripped on contact. Cause unknown.

Date: 7/16/09
Subject: One water bottle, Nalgene(TM) brand
Procedure: Object placed in center of shower floor. Water input rate of 0.252 liters/second used.
Details: Water bottle lifted into the air and strongly attached to the nozzle end of SCP-865. Minor leaking occurred, but the force was insufficient to break the bottle.

Date: 7/17/09
Subject: One class D subject. Age 43, Male, 175.3cm tall, 107.50kg
Procedure: Subject strapped to medical gurney. Water input rate of 0.063 liters/second used.
Details: Subject displayed extreme discomfort and attempted to escape confinement. Water from major orifices was drawn towards SCP-865. After 16.2 seconds, subject collapsed. Autopsy revealed that death was caused by unnatural movement of cranial fluids, and that SCP-865's suction was insufficient to interrupt blood flow.

Date: 7/17/09
Subject: One class D subject. Age 31, Female, 160.0cm tall, 55.34kg
Procedure: Subject strapped to medical gurney. Water input rate of 0.252 liters/second used.
Details: Subject dead after 3.7 seconds. Attempt to vocalize discomfort was rendered impossible due to sudden rapid water flow through all orifices. Pores created a visible misting effect. Numerous ruptures formed in subject's skin to provide additional flow points. Cadaver too degraded to determine primary cause of death.

Date: 7/17/09
Subject: One class D subject. Age 33, Male, 185.4cm tall, 89.88kg
Procedure: Subject strapped to medical gurney. Water input rate of 0.505 liters/second used.
Details: Death occurred within .4 seconds of activation. Rapid dehydration took place, emptying the subject within 1.1 seconds of activation. Slowed video feed shows all orifices allowing evacuation of nearby water, pores creating a spray effect, and several points of the body being ripped outwards to provide additional flow points. Internal organs holding water more strongly than the surrounding areas were either split open or pulled from the body to rupture fully on contact with SCP-865. Groin was [DATA EXPUNGED]. Skull remained intact, cranial fluid escaped through cerebral orifices. Testing area around the body was coated in red dust, later determined to be dried blood cells. Cadaver too degraded to determine primary cause of death.
Addendum Project leader Dr. ████ undergoing psychological evaluation following excessive and unnecessary use of human testing with SCP-865. Multiple copies of video feed of the offending experiments were recovered from his private quarters. Demotion pending.

Incident SCP-865-1

SCP involved: SCP-865
Date: █/█/09
Location: Site 18
Details: At 7.35 pm on █/█/09, Dr. ████ reported SCP-865 to be missing. The tracking tag was used to trace it to the private quarters of Agent ███, the original retriever of the object, who was staying at site 18 for an unrelated investigation. She had fortunately not yet bathed, and under questioning claimed complete ignorance of how SCP-865 had come to be in her possession. A professional quality multi-size pipe connector had been used, with the model number filed off. No fingerprints or other identifying data could be acquired from either object. As a safety precaution, all pipe size information has been fully restricted, and security measures increased. Suicide is the expected motive, as the agent in question had been undergoing personal difficulties related to her present investigation, and had recently requested access to SCP-865.
Addendum: Suicide motive confirmed. Why the agent wished to utilize SCP-865 is unknown. Agent terminated for unapproved SCP use and failure to inform the foundation of a potentially compromising psychological state. Additional security measures retained.

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